It’s like a game of Tetris

This year also, Ethimo has teamed up with designer Patrick Norguet and developed a new project for the Swing range. The collection has expanded but kept its parameters of elegance and structure, and now unveils a modular sofa in aluminium and teak. This allows multiple arrangements and is ideal for emphasising the most spacious of areas. Warm and welcoming so that family and friends can sit and enjoy a pleasant, relaxed time together. And so as to add an optimum touch of comfort, the Swing sofa can be topped off with cushions, designed in a totally waterproof material. The bonus? The Swing sofa, like the other designs in the collection, can be adapted easily for the garden, the seaside, the country or an indoor living room. Indoors and outdoors are now one and the same.

The sofa fits perfectly into the Swing collection thanks to its elegance and structure, which is the result of an architectural game that repeats the same element.


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