Mansur Gavriel and Marc Camille Chaimowicz on an artsy capsule collection

There are brands that incessantly launch the most diverse products, and brands whose success relies on a single iconic item.

One of the latter is Mansur Gavriel, a recently founded label by New York based designers Rachel Mansur and Floriana Gavriel, who have created a successful it-bag boasting crowds of followers. Since 2012, the popular bucket bags, tote bags and crossbody bags are some of celebrities’favourite picks, and a must-have for countless fashionistas.

Excellence Magazine Mansur Gavriel MARC CAMILLE CHAIMOWICZ

What’s the secret behind these objects of desire? A mix of winning ingredients: a minimal approach to design that shapes classic sleek lines, vintage echoes, premium soft leathers, and quality craftsmanship from the Italian region of Veneto.

Excellence Magazine Mansur Gavriel MARC CAMILLE CHAIMOWICZ

In 2017, the creative duo took its first steps in the clothing industry, with pieces of the same spirit animating their initial collections.

Mansur Gavriel’s collections have not featured many graphic elements such as printed patterns, or decorations like tridimensional embroideries. A true ode to essential fashion, they have established a stylistic balance that the designers themselves chose to break with a capsule collection landing in stores  on April 26.

Excellence Magazine Mansur Gavriel MARC CAMILLE CHAIMOWICZ

The SS19 collection is the brand’s chance to present its first collaboration with contemporary artist Marc Camille Chaimowicz, whose works are showcased at the Andrew Kreps Gallery in New York and at the Cabinet Gallery in London. In this six-handed creative work, Chaimowicz designed three exclusive, tailor-made prints recalling the retro patterns and delicate colors of his signature wallpapers.

We share a common love for purity of shape, color, and line

Floriana Gavriel explained

As designers, we are inspired by material, color, and form, and are also very interested in how these elements work together within interior spaces

added Rachel Mansu

In this new playfyul twist, the brand’s timeless Mini Bucket Bag, Top Handle Rounded Bag, Large Tote or Moon Wallet come in both veal leather silk-screen printed by hand in Italy, and in vegetable leather in camel, peony or rose tones with lining in cream, light green or cognac.

Excellence Magazine Mansur Gavriel MARC CAMILLE CHAIMOWICZ

The collection will be available at Liberty of London, Mansur Gavriel’s Wooster Street, in the Melrose Place stores and on the brand’s online shop.

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