QUOISE EYEWEAR, Italian and Sustainable


Quoise Eyewear represents a new perspective, a different filter with which to see everyday life. They are sunglasses, but they can help change what you see “at the bottom of the sea”.

What makes them unique? Passion and commitment to safeguarding the future of the seas.

Thanks to cutting-edge technologies in the regeneration of plastic, Quoise can guarantee full respect for the seas, avoiding further damage to a habitat considered at risk.

Quoise Eyewear

How does the Quoise revolution happen?

Simple: start with plastic waste from the sea and industrial waste. Quoise gives him new life, even new lives.

From the encounter with Econyl®, a material created by Aquafil, a world leader in the synthetic fibers sector, the idea was born to develop a line of sunglasses that was made with recycled and recyclable materials.

100% Made in Italy from design to production to distribution. Light, with character, suitable for any circumstance.

Quoise Eyewear

Zero impact and solidarity

In addition to having zero harmful impact on the seas, Quoise works to restore existing damage, donating 5 euros for each pair of glasses purchased to the non-profit organization Marevivo, which has been fighting for some time to protect the sea and the environment.

The founders of Quoise, Alice Mentasti, Stefano Lanzi, Nicolò Barbuio, Isa Gatti and Pierpaolo Frattini are five entrepreneurs and consultants who operate mainly in the different sectors of finance, sports and pharmaceuticals.

Strengthened by the different and complementary experiences in business management and in the commercial field, they conceived and decided to found the new Quoise Eyewear brand to respond to a profound need to “do something to make the world better”, starting from an accessory, the sunglasses, which they have always loved.

They are proud to be able to say that every component of our eyewear is designed and produced in Italy, which is not a foregone conclusion in the world of eyewear, which still represents an excellence of Made in Italy.

The project stems from a deep friendship that binds the founders, from the great passion for nature and from the ethical sense that has guided Quoise Eyewear towards truly uncompromising sustainability.

Quoise Eyewear

Awareness and recycling

The mission is clear, to raise awareness of the problems of marine plastics and to inform the public that a more informed consumption is possible; Quoise eyewear, for example, can be recycled an infinite number of times, reducing production consumption by 95%.

Quoise Eyewear

Realizing that there are more and more alternatives to traditional plastic is a good starting point for making our seas a better place.

See the change, Change the sea.

Emanuela Zini
Emanuela Zini
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