Schneiders presents the “Cotton-Loden” smart coat


The increasingly mild winters determine the declination of traditional garments in lighter materials, this is the case of the classic Loden which no longer represents just a type of wool fabric, but is a style, a way of being.

Schneiders Salzburg, for over 70 years protagonist in the creation of the loden coat, totally rethinks the material with which it is traditionally made by replacing wool with cotton.

Schneiders Pitti cotton loden

Pitti Immagine Uomo

At Pitti Immagine Uomo, the “Cotton-Loden” debuts, a very smart coat model, aware of how much milder the coming winters can be.

The look is “trachten”, that is traditional, with the classic fold background, buttoned cuffs and set-in sleeves, but it is garment dyed and declined in cotton (98%) with a touch of elastane to increase wearability and comfort.

Equipped with a warm and removable internal quilted lining, the “Cotton-Loden” is perfect for autumn or for a winter climate that is no longer as cold as it used to be, but this does not mean that it must be forced to give up a style that is suggestive. and evocative.

Schneiders Pitti cotton loden

Loden effect

The loden effect is therefore guaranteed by shape and details. From the side pockets with flap to the additional welt pockets that allow you to repair your hands, in full respect of tradition.

Loden can therefore afford to “change its skin” and reinvent itself by adapting to the new needs of wearability and climate … Proof that the most authentic tradition never gets old!

Emanuela Zini
Emanuela Zini
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