SIHH 2019: Ressence Type 2 e-Crown

On display at the Le Carré des Horologers, the section dedicated to the independent brands at SIHH 2019, Ressence Type 2 presented in its final version is the first mechanical watch with an intelligent crown.

Type 2
Type 2

Type 2 starts with the innovative patented Ressence Orbital Convex System (ROCS). This mechanism allows a clearer and more immediate reading of the time; the information is in fact displayed on a single plane, just like the words written on a piece of paper. The brand believes that the idea in this Type exceeds the representation of classical time with a dial and hands.

e-Crown the smart crown

Since ROCS Ressence has taken a further technological step forward by presenting the e-Crown smart crown. This exceeds the mechanical limits of a device created a century and a half ago by combining the reliability of electronics with the emotion and fascination of mechanical engineering.

e-Crown is activated and controlled by touching the glass of the Type 2 dial, providing a new tactile experience. A dial disc on the dial allows you to set the time zone 1, time zone 2, the smartphone app and turn off the e-Crown.

ecrown type 2
ecrown type 2

The Ressence Type 2 draws from the light the energy needed to power the e-Crown®. Photovoltaic cells use external light as a source of energy to make the clock autonomous.

It is the user himself who initially sets his watch manually, using the lever located on the case back; then tapping the dial glass twice, the time chosen for the e-Crown is confirmed. Then you no longer need to check and check the time because the e-Crown automatically adjusts it. Even after three months of inactivity, as soon as you wear the watch on your wrist and touch the dial twice, e-Crown will instantly reset it to the correct time.

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