The Latest Frontier in Sustainable Luxury? Virtual Fashion

How often have we found ourselves staring at a shop window and spotting the perfect dress, but not being able to buy it because it was the wrong size, or they did not have the color that best suited us?

Moreover, as many sector studies have long been pointing out, the fashion industry is called to make more ethical, sustainable choices, in order not just to respect our planet, but also to follow the emerging market trends. As a matter of fact, many are the customers opting to purchase certified sustainable luxury products today.

What is also interesting is that luxury – especially when it comes to fashion – has its very own world in social media. There are many celebrities, influencers and fashion addicts alike, who purchase items only and exclusively to flaunt them at a single fashionable event, or at a photo shooting to post and share.

Digital clothing by Paskal _ Dress-X

These three facts were the starting points for Daria Shapovalova and Natalia Modenova to establish Dress-X, a virtual fashion e-commerce business based in Los Angeles.

They call it ‘digital fast fashion’: augmented reality makes it possible to design high-fashion dresses and pieces of clothing that are totally virtual, and anyone can buy these single-use items without wasting any resources whatsoever.

Digital clothing by Nina Doll _ Dress-X

Dress X offers premium quality clothing: brands like Paskal, Ophelica, Nina Doll, Arnaud Pepin-Donat and Eva Sviridova have decided to back their real creations up with digital pieces of clothing to flaunt with no risks of wasting them or forgetting them on the bottom of a wardrobe after only wearing them once.

This is how Dress X works: customers can visit their website, navigate and make their choice, then purchase their favorite item just like on any other e-commerce platform.

In addition to their digital pieces of clothing, they will also be asked to add some photos of themselves to the cart. In 2-3 days, they will receive pictures showing themselves in the chosen item.

Buy less, buy better, buy digital: here is the new frontier in sustainable fashion luxury.

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