The Most Expensive Bag in the World? It Costs 6 Million Euros and Has a Green Soul


Christmas is coming, and these are the days when everyone hurries to find the perfect gift for their friends and family.

There is no doubt that only few lucky ones could imagine finding such an exclusive gift under the Christmas tree: a bag by the famous Italian accessory brand Boarini Milanesi, which promises to become the new object of desire.

Borsa boarini milanesi

A glimpse of it is all it takes to realize that it is not just a bag, but a real contemporary artwork: the design was created by Carolina Boarini herself, and comes in premium quality materials.

The handbag is made from semi-shiny reptile leather, painted in bright turquoise through skilled crafting techniques and decorated with ten white gold butterflies, sapphires, tourmalines and the ever-present, highly-valued diamonds.

Borsa boarini milanesi

Some figures about this styles: 3 pieces in the whole world, one-thousand hours to make each one, and a total of 130 karats.

Just the ultimate luxury, then? Of course not.

For the most expensive bag in the world, the brand opted for this particular shade to remind all buyers that they are contributing to protect the oceans: up to 800 thousand euros from the proceedings will be donated to support operations to clean the seas up from plastics.

For next year, we can expect to see three of the most important and influential ladies in the world flaunting such a remarkable creation in glossy magazines.

Quite unbelievably, though, the target of this bag are men.

As Carolina Boarini explains, this precious accessory was designed for the fashion house’s most affluent clients looking to surprise and astound their partners by leaving the most expensive bag in the world under the tree.

Serena Poma
Serena Poma
Da sempre giornalista, amo trasformare ciò che succede nel mondo in frasi e righe che possano accompagnare il lettore “dentro la notizia” e portarlo con me ad esplorare ciò che succede attraverso la lettura di un articolo. Le mie esperienze professionali mi hanno portata a conoscere nello specifico l’unione di due mondi apparentemente inconciliabili: il luxury e l’ecosostenibilità. Accompagnare le aziende in questa direzione ricoprendo il ruolo di responsabile comunicazione ed organizzazione eventi mi ha resa sempre più consapevole che, soprattutto oggi, il rispetto per noi e per le risorse del nostro pianeta sono il punto di partenza per poter creare vero valore.

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