Luigi Monacò: A Designer of Timeless Jewelry

LuigiMonaco_Article“Art, beauty and artisan craftsmanship are all ingredients of Luigi Monacò’s high fashion jewelry.

What pushes you to embrace the philosophy of culture-infused luxury?” “The intrinsic luxury in my creations is the natural consequence of a firmly-held credo in art that I’ve always had. I make pieces for those who have refined taste, those who don’t conform to stereotypical market trends. They are constantly on the search for solutions that are able to link various productive factors that are seemingly incompatible, such as elegant fabrics and precious metals, a blend that expresses my inclination towards artistic expression.

What I offer is a niche luxury product, punctuated by an artisan processing schedule that is never short of excellent; even if a tiny imperfection makes its way through, we’d sooner replace the whole piece rather than repair it.”

“Mythological figures, Renaissance techniques and luxurious fabrics – almost as if a piece of jewelry should be woven like a garment. How does one of your pieces of jewelry take shape?” “My passion for art and mythology has driven my work in a completely natural way, towards creating timeless, beautiful jewelry just like the works of art that inspired me. I dedicated one of my most successful creations to “Venus of Morgantina”; I was able to revive nearly forgotten techniques thanks to the skilled hands of artisan craftsmen who pass these secrets on, such as engraving on shell cameos or antique-cut diamonds, better known as “rose cut”. The entire production process is strictly made in Italy.”

“The spirituality of those who commission a piece of jewelry is reflected on them, so as to create a unique piece from which springs a one of a kind beauty – that’s the common thread that links your custom pieces. In your opinion, do you think that this could be considered an art form?”

“There isn’t a substantial difference between the artist and the artisan, as inspiration is a gift from God that comes and goes at will. Ideas are born, put to use and give life to a work of art. Goethe once said that art exists in the moment in which someone sees it as such, for which I hope that my creations are seen as works of art by those who wear them and even more by those who commissioned them. My intention is to make that which exceeds utilitarian purposes, giving life to creations that are able to adapt themselves to different historical periods and environments, rising above current trends, breaking the mold.”


“If you were to be a jeweler for a legendary figure in mythology, who would it be?” “My thoughts always wander to the Greek gods, not so much for the cultural influence that they’ve had on my native Sicily, but more for what one of them represents. Isis, the wife of Osiris and mother of Horus who together form a supreme triad; in Egyptian mythology she represents the highest goddess of nature and fertility. She is the mother of all things, a Universal Goddess who is worshipped under many forms, for the many facets that are seen in her complexity.

The Greeks identified with various gods, such as Hera, Demeter, Aphrodite and Selene. It would be such an honor to lend myself to their imagination in creating precious jewels for them!”


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