Constance Halaveli: the World Travel Awards Celebrate the Maldives’ Sustainable Luxury Resort


The Maldives have always been a symbol of pure holiday relaxation. The dream of many – leaving everything behind and immerse themselves in the tropical magic of these islands – has now a new idyllic destination: the Constance Halaveli, a luxury resort winner of the 2020 Leading Villa Resort award.

The secret of this paradise? A real resort-island in the shape of a dhoni vessel, an enchanted location offering 5-star luxury vacations that also respect the environment.

The resort’s sustainability starts from its building materials, which were all sourced locally and have a low environmental impact. Being welcomed and staying at this small private atoll in the middle of the Ocean is a luxury that cannot be missed.

Constance Halaveli Maldive

All offered activities also combine luxury and sustainability. Snorkeling, for instance, is obviously allowed, although following a precise formula: the Constance Halaveli’s diving center is part of the Green Fins program, introduced to preserve the reef by adopting sustainable diving and snorkeling practices.

Besides opportunities to enjoy the many wonders of the sea, the resort takes care of its guests’ well-being, not just with luxury treatments, but also with a designated corner for meditation and yoga where to rediscover themselves with local teachers’ guidance.

The resort also offers a remarkable view on luxury and ethics by creating jobs and a “virtuous economy” network for the locals: all employees come from the area, and the cuisine, although gourmet dishes are offered and international chefs involved, allows to taste local traditional food too.

Constance Halaveli Maldive

Light pollution is also minimized: when the night falls, the resort’s lights are turned off following nature’s rhythms, allowing to admire the marvelous, spectacular starry sky of the Maldives.

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