Luce 2017 Tenuta Luce Special Edition


This year Tenuta Luce lights up Christmas with the 2017 Special Edition, the 25th harvest of the famous Sangiovese and Merlot blend.

To celebrate this important birthday, an inspirational sentence by Vittorio Frescobaldi, which contains all the essence of Tenuta Luce, was chosen to “cover” the entire Luce25 collection with a calligraphic style in the vibrant colors of the nature.

The Special Edition has been designed in different sizes: the single bottle, kept in a precious wooden box with the beautiful decoration, the box – also in wood – for six bottles (perfect for the Luce Lovers) and the magnum size, to celebrate the most important occasions. The elegant Tenuta Luce logo characterizes all the collection: the iconic golden sun with twelve flames.

Luce 2017

Luce 2017 has a deep impenetrable ruby red color.

The Luce 2017 bouquet is intense and alternates fruits aromas with a veiled scent of incense, which results in an extraordinary aromatic complexity on the palate, supported by an elegant tannic texture that gives the wine a unique structure and balance.

Luce 2017 is the perfect gift to make every event special and exclusive, filling the warm atmosphere of the Christmas parties, with a unique toast.

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