Icehotel, ice and snow for a dream stay


The beauty of the Scandinavian countries, covered with snow, is indescribable!

I propose that you close your eyes and imagine that you are in an incredible northern village called Jukkasjärvi, where there is a Swedish Icehotel celebrating its thirtieth birthday!

The Icehotel was born as a summer destination to spend relaxing days immersed in nature, but 30 years ago Yngve Bergqvist had a brilliant idea and following her dream he created a hotel entirely made of ice and snow!


A fascinating landscape with only 548 inhabitants who will welcome you and a hotel that will never cease to amaze and excite you.

Are you ready to take a tour and discover the fantastic design that characterizes the Icehotel?

The first room you will encounter is the ceremonial room of the Icehotel. It was designed by the extraordinary duo Kauppi & Kauppi.

Icehotel Kauppi & Kauppi,
Kauppi & Kauppi,

The chapel-like room is adorned with images of ginkgo leaves, a symbol of love and longevity. The 30 points of light on the ceiling represent each year in the history of the Icehotel.


This incredible place builds new ice rooms every December to welcome guests using the creative work of artists and designers from all over the world. This winter, 33 artists from 16 countries, along with Icehotel’s incredible creative team and lighting design team, spent two intense weeks building the hotel’s 30th annual art exhibition, including 15 suites, art, corridors and a ceremonial hall made entirely of snow and ice from the nearby Torne river.


The hotel also debuted with a new outdoor installation featuring a 13-foot tall tower, two new Icehotel 365 suites, and an amusement park-themed ice bar called “Torneland”, Dwell.


The Swedish Icehotel also has a very impressive theater designed by Jonathan Paul Green and Marnie Green.

We designed Icehotel #30 from the beginning of spring, when the Icehotel jury decided which art suites would become reality

says Luca Roncoroni, creative director of Icehotel.

Fortunately, the Arctic climate welcomed us with perfect conditions for the construction period. There is something special about creating art and design in collaboration with the river, the sky and the air

And of course, it’s the perfect time to relax and see the Northern Lights!

Emanuela Zini
Emanuela Zini
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