It’s time to recharge…

It’s time to recharge…

These are our suggestion to spend time in beautiful places, close to the nature!

The Scarlet Hotel, Cornwall

Replete with a biomass boiler, solar panels and savvy heat capture, see Scarlet Hotel as the love child of climate-consciousness and new age luxury. High on a clifftop, gaze ahead to the coast of Mawgan Port whilst swimming in a reed-filtered swimming pool.

Nimmo Bay Resort, Canada

Secluded within British Columbia’s Great Bear Rainforest, expect an en plein air attitude to wellness. Head massages and full body scrubs will be in the company of the trees and you’ll need a stand-up paddleboard to access their floating sauna.

Swim under a waterfall, take a cedar hot tub dip and learn to forage. Before you know it you’ll become that friend who won’t stop talking about being ‘at one with nature’.

Manshausen, Norway

Ever have those days where you’re just fed up of people? Well, Manshausen may be for you. Perched on a remote island on the Arctic Circle, take in the Northern lights from your ultra-minimalist cabin boasting floor-to-ceiling glass windows that allow superlative viewing. From glacier trekking to birdwatching, you’ll feel restored in no time. 

Image: Steve King

Deplar Farm, Iceland

 An aesthete’s dream, Deplar Farm is enclosed by the ice-sloped mountains and wilderness of the Troll Peninsula. Peruse the library, dip in the open-air pool (it’s heated by geothermal energy, mind you), or pay a visit to the turf-topped sauna. Can’t sit still? There’s cross-country skiing, kayaking, and fly fishing on offer.

Zenagi Hotel, Japan

Cocooned in the rice fields, rivers, and forests of the Kiso Valley in Nagano Prefecture, Zenagi Hotel offers an array of mood-boosting activities. Try forest bathing, row along the majestic green river Taiga, and hike along the historic road, Nakasendo, that’s seen the feet of Samurai warriors and pilgrims.

Piaule, USA

Just two hours away from New York City, Piaule blends nonchalant cool with faultless aesthetic appeal. The 24-bedroom boutique hotel overlooks the mountains that boast a Japanese-Scandinavian inspired interior that’s centred around nature. Expect saunas, yoga studios, and your wood-clad cabin with an entire wall of glass that looks out onto the forest. 

Image: Sean Davidson. 

Emanuela Zini
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