Le Sirenuse, the art of Italian luxury

In 1951, Aldo, Paolo, Franco and Anna, four siblings of the Sersale noble household, decided to turn their seaside home into a small hotel, opening what is now considered as one of the most intimate, fascinating hotels in the world: Le Sirenuse, one of the symbols of Italian dolce vita.

turista che guarda il mare dalla terrazza con piscina
Panoramic view from the terrace of Albergo Le Sirenuse – Positano

Sitting at the center of Positano, the hotel overlooks the splendid bay below, offering his guests a wonderful view of the sea. Lemon scent pervades the air and makes the pool on the terrace an enchanting place where to taste a traditional Italian aperitivo.

Sirenuse terrace pool sea view
Le Sirenuse pool terrace

Inside the hotel, among ancient furniture, paintings belonging to the Serale family and plants climbing up the walls, it is still possible to experience an eighteenth-century atmosphere.

The Italian style is defined down to every single detail finishing each room. The hotel gifts guests with customized experiences, from a traditional cocktail on a boat to the innovative detox, restorative DolceVitality one-week long retreat, where a team of personal care professionals takes care of visitors.

mosaico in terrazzo con piscina Le Sirenuse

Franco’s son, Antonio, manages the hotel, while Carla, Antonio’s wife, designs Sirenuse – Positano mare collection, a women’s apparel range inspired by Positano available at the Emporio Sirenuse boutique and around the world.

Marina, Paolo’s daugther, has created the Eau d’Italie fragrance, a luxury collection of fragrances that tells Italy’s essence, a journey of the senses through creativity

Le Sirenuse Miami luogo dove brindare alla vita e all'amore
Le Sirenuse Restaurants & champagne Bar at the Surf Club

Le Sirenuse brings the spirit of the Amalfi coast to Miami with the emblem of the new Italian dolce vita: Le Sirenuse Restaurant & Champagne bar, framed by the historical ballroom of The Surf Club, a cult place for the 1930s society and now a luxury hotel at the heart of Surfside.

Chef Antonio Mermolia brings to the table tastes of Southern Italy’s culinary tradition, while the bar entertains guests with exclusive, sophisticated cocktails.

Le Sirenuse is a symbol of Italian excellence in the world, a gem that over the years has allowed its guests to live the authentic Made in Italy luxury.

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