Luxury Villa Excelsior Parco in Capri: Travellers’ Choice Best of the Best 2020


Luxury Villa Excelsior Parco was selected by TripAdvisor, the world’s largest travel platform, as the winner of the “Travellers’ Choice Best of the Best 2020”, the awards rewarding the best venues based on millions of traveler reviews.

luxury villa excelsior parc capri

Topping Italian and European rankings since 2012, this year Luxury Villa Excelsior Parco took 1st place in Italy, 5th in Europe, and 14th in the world in the “Best Service” category.

It is also leading the “Romantic Hotels” category with a 2nd place in Europe and a 6th in the world, and it got on the “Small Hotel” podium ranking 2nd in Italy and 12th in Europe.

luxury villa excelsior parc capri

The hotel remained on top of traveler review charts for all 2019, and it still is, besides also making the European top 20.

luxury villa excelsior parc capri

A period mansion built in 1906, Excelsior Parco combines Art Nouveau charm and breathtaking views of the sea with a special attention to sustainability.

We follow a H2H approach (Human to Human), a work and life philosophy based on building bonds of trust, authenticity and empathy between guests and the staff

General Manager Valerio Paone says, carrying on the Acamporas and Espositos’ family tradition, which has now reached the third generation and leads hospitality in Capri and on the Sorrento coast by always putting customer satisfaction first.

Every guest matters, and our goal is for their stay in Capri to become more than just a trip, a truly unforgettable experience

Topping global charts shows a clear, enlightened managerial vision.

The hotel stands out for its sophisticated furnishings, quiet garden, and the nearby sea, treating guests with romantic glimpses of the Naples and Ischia gulfs. The breakfast, lunch and dinner menus feature fresh, seasonal local dishes prepared with organic ingredients, including vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options, plus organic products for the whole food and beverage service.

luxury villa excelsior parc capri

Care for the environment and love for the Capri island did the rest, and have considerably improved the Excelsior Parco’s position in the market, edging more and more towards the higher end, as TripAdvisor’s traveler reviews show.

luxury villa excelsior parc capri

Excelsior Parco’s success shows its team’s commitment to a constant search for excellence, and their strive to maintain top hospitality standards that meet international tourists’ expectations.

With only 1% of world venues now receiving recognitions, and Excelsior Parco winning for the eight year in a row, this award can definitely be considered Capri’s pride.

Emanuela Zini
Emanuela Zini
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