New Eco-Luxury Resort Casa di Langa Opens in Spring


In the heart of Piedmont, lucky guests will soon have a chance to indulge in a five-star vacation at the Krause group’s new property.

The Langhe region, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, will see the building of a new structure offering 39 accommodation solutions including rooms and suites, fully immersed in the vineyards and expressly designed to offer eco-luxury holiday services.

This boutique hotel’s design will combine elements from Piedmont’s tradition with environmental consciousness: since the very beginning of the project, the Krause group has been looking to offer a luxury service while minimizing its environmental impact. To this end, they have introduced several best practices: banning single-use plastics, ensuring carbon neutrality, using recycled water in the vineyards, and relying on geothermal and solar heating systems.

Kylie J. Krause casa di langa

Kylie J. Krause, chairman of the Krause group, has always been fond of this region, and is the one who insisted on opening an extra-luxury resort in the area.

If all systems at the resorts aim to minimize their environmental impact, the materials used for furnishings do not fail either: fabrics, wood, room furnishings and accessories are all crafted locally – a virtuous circle that celebrates Piedmont artisans’ mastery.

Kylie J. Krause casa di langa

Guests will enjoy an immersive experience in a unique region. Every aspect of it will have its part, and all experiences offered at the resort will be exclusive and special. After soaking in the splendid view from their rooms, guests will have a chance to take an enchanting tour of the vineyards riding a Vespa, or taking cooking classes to learn how to make regional dishes, or even join themed nights livened up by local music.

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