Over the Top the name of the “Gallo Nero” in the international rankings.

Over the Top the name of the “Gallo Nero” in the international rankings.

‘Uga’, the name of the various “Additional Geographical Units” that enhance the area

Gallo Nero is only Chianti Classico!

The nice cockerel returned to the “Stazione Leopolda” for the twenty-ninth “Chianti Classico Collection” presenting a project that represents a real turning point for the Chianti Classico Wine Consortium, which is certainly going through a good time for naming.

The balance is positive, and in any case better than we would have expected following the pandemic.

chianti classico

The growth trend is up to 21% compared to 2020. The new stage now consists in the project of the so-called “Additional Geographical Units”, ‘UGA’, which will be an important driving force for the enhancement of the distinctive characteristics of Chianti Classico.

The territories where it is produced will be divided into eleven geographical units, distinguished by soil composition and microclimate, history and culture, local traditions and so on, with the exact indication of the production areas.

In this way it will also be possible to know the name of the municipality or the district from which our wine comes. These are the 11 areas identified: San Casciano, Greve, Lamole, Montefioralle, Panzano, Radda, Gaiole, Castelnuovo Berardenga, Vagliagli, Castellina, San Donato in Poggio.

chianti classico

The introduction of the name of the municipality or of the fractions on the label will in fact serve to satisfy those who wish to deepen their knowledge of the relationship between the wines of the Gallo Nero and their territory of origin, in order to better appreciate the various nuances, organoleptic and more. Therefore, for those who wish, to broaden their knowledge also to the territory where the vineyard from which the much appreciated wine is obtained is located.

In the two days of the ‘Leopolda’, the producers are finally back in attendance, with 180 Black Rooster wineries of which 161 Chianti Classico Riserva and 125 Gran Selezione.

The markets have rewarded the Chianti Classico with the US confirming itself in first place, followed by our domestic market with a good 20%. Excellent percentages for Canada, United Kingdom, Germany and the new entry South Korea, which in 2021 even doubled Chianti Classico imports compared to the previous year.

With this project, the “Chianti Classico Consortium” thus intended to strengthen the communication of the wine-territory binomial by increasing the quality in terms of identity and territoriality, to distinguish an exceptional product that makes quality its pride.

Chianti Classico is one of the Consortia that bears the name of Tuscany at the top of the world, definitely consecrating a tradition, a quality and a unique value in our Region.

This is how Stefania Saccardi – Vice-President of the Tuscany Region – expressed herself for “Chianti Collection”.

Insisting on this important presence in our territory in consideration of the fact that the geographical units identify it perfectly, linking a well-defined and well-diversified environment. Diversified also thanks to the excellence of oil and vin-santo, which are absolutely extraordinary foods.

After the pandemic, this is a sector that is regaining strength and vigor since we are back in the presence, albeit with some limitations related to the use of masks and more. However, the data give us great comfort, our region has had a growing ‘trend’ in sales, higher than the national average, giving us the dimension of great strength and perspective towards the future.

This albeit at a time of unfavorable international context due to the difficulties related to the war in progress in Ukraine. Consequently, the commitment of the Chianti Consortium in raising solidarity funds for this country is admirable, demonstrating great sensitivity and good intelligence. If it is true that wine sales are growing, it is also true that we are experiencing this difficult time due to the difficulties in finding raw materials, their costs as well as energy costs.

However, in the planning of the Tuscany Region and the new ‘Pac’, important resources are envisaged for our country and our Region: consequently I am convinced that a strong and important Consortium such as Chianti Classico will be able to develop everything in its own interest, as well as of our Region

Saccardi continued

Definitely words full of energy. Duty combined with know-how testified to the words of Saccardi, who then invited Senator Caterina Viti – Vice President of the Senate Agriculture Commission – to the stage to continue the dialogue in the spaces of the ‘Leopolda’, in front of the large and interested public.

The emotion that caused me to see all these expanses of labels is an honor for me that in the Agriculture Commission in the Senate I can report so well to present this real wonder, speaking of a territory that has perfectly characterized Chianti for hundreds of years. Undoubtedly the wine, the oil, the artistic beauties in Tuscany are famous all over the world and, for this we are deeply grateful to our ancestors, to those who left us this heritage. Consequently, in this difficult historical moment, we have the responsibility, the burden and the honor of working, given that the peculiarities of this important territory with its productions, can become even stronger than they already are. Clearly, there is still a lot of work to be done, protected and even facilitated, very well promoting all the labels of our wonderful territory. Cohesion is fundamental, in synergy with all institutional levels, becoming ever more united and even stronger.

Carla Cavicchini
“Bambina curiosa” erano le parole che sempre mi arrivavano all’orecchio da piccoletta divorando i fumetti rubati ai cugini, scoperchiando i tegami in piena ebollizione, ‘mimando’ persino le Kessler nei loro “Dadaumpa! Ricordo quando alla bambola di coccio ‘ruppi’ le labbra volontariamente infilandogli ben bene il cucchiaio in bocca, al fine di farla mangiare saporitamente …e non per finta! In seguito il mio essere stravagante e bizzarro nonché – dicono - estremamente razionale, mi ha portato a conoscere ed approfondire le varie realtà tenendo sempre accesso il motore del mio carburante non certamente incollato ad una sedia, bensì a caccia di personaggi illustri e celebri, pronti allo ‘spogliarello’ seppur mentale della sottoscritta. Qualche nome? Zavoli, Montanelli, Zeffirelli, Gina Lollobrigida, Dario Fo, Lizzani, F.lli Taviani, Sepulveda, Camilleri, Crepet, Albertazzi, Miranda Martino, Sandra Milo e…mille ancora arrivando a quota 400 e passa! Il mio mantra? Fare della propria esistenza un capolavoro come insegnava Oscar Wilde! Presuntuosa? Osserverei più che altro obbiettiva. La grande attrice Giulia Lazzarini citò l’essere struggente ‘leopardiano’ nel suo ‘modus-vivendi ‘, invitando tuttavia a vivere serenamente, lasciando qualcosa anche agli altri, in questo breve spazio di tempo concesso. Nel frattempo la bimba curiosa è cresciuta scalpitando ancora. E’ grave?

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