Starpool dresses the Spa of the Manna Resort, a new 5-Star Luxury Destination a few kilometers from Bolzano

Starpool dresses the Spa of the Manna Resort, a new 5-star luxury destination a few kilometers from Bolzano

The company from Val di Fiemme, for the South Tyrolean resort, has created, based on a design by Studio Pichler Architects and Studio Moretti Interiors, a path that regenerates and relaxes with environments made of contrasts, hot and cold, humid and dry, which envelop and they stimulate the senses, in a space full of oriental echoes that blend well with the cosmopolitan style of the Manna Resort.

Around the world, not in 80 days as in Jules Verne’s novel but in 15 suites, 3 chalets, two restaurants and a spa: these are the premises of the Manna Resort, a new 5-star luxury destination a few kilometers from BolzanoAround the world, not in 80 days as in Jules Verne’s novel but in 15 suites, 3 chalets, two restaurants and a spa: these are the premises of the Manna Resort, a new 5-star luxury destination a few kilometers from Bolzano.

Ph. Silvio Gioia
Ph. Silvio Gioia

A minimal and at the same time majestic architecture that of Klaus Gummerer for Studio Pichler Architects who, together with the designer Enrico Moretti of Studio Moretti Interiors, has realized Maria Luisa Manna’s dream of creating a unique, cosmopolitan resort and at the same time perfectly in harmony with the surrounding landscape, thanks to the use of materials such as wood, copper and glass, all in an eco-sustainable key.

Manna Resort _ L'Orangerie _ Ph. Silvio Gioia
Ph. Silvio Gioia

On the slopes of the Monte Corno Natural Park, guests can find an oasis in which to leave the noise, confusion and everyday life out and enter an exclusive and spectacular dimension. A journey begins inside and outside of oneself: every environment, room, hall is different, and reflects the passion for travel of the owner Maria Luisa Manna who, over the years, has collected original objects and furnishings from every continent to dress her vision. of hospitality. You go around the world immersing yourself in exotic atmospheres, from the elk horns of Lapland to the Masai masks of Africa, from metropolitan New York echoes to Middle Eastern preciousness up to Thailand, the primary source of inspiration for the Spa.

Ph. Silvio Gioia
Ph. Silvio Gioia

Black and gold colors, perfumed essences, details that evoke oriental spirituality: here begins a further inner journey to the root of well-being, made of colors, lights, scents and music that evoke the magic of a country which by its very nature is a sanctuary for body and spirit.

Ph. Silvio Gioia
Ph. Silvio Gioia

The Spa is primarily a source of pure well-being: the design, the choice of surfaces, colors and enveloping and sinuous shapes reflect this imprint oriented towards health and beneficial contact with nature. The rooms ideally open to the outside thanks to the large windows that seem to dematerialize the boundary between the landscape and the interiors. An interesting combination of western and eastern traditions is created, told by the details and furnishing elements.

The path includes dedicated spaces – Finnish sauna, soft sauna, steam bath, Mediterranean bath, preparation showers and reaction showers, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a small bathing bio-pool, large elegant and quiet relaxation areas and a refreshment area with herbal tea and fruit.

Ph. Silvio Gioia
Ph. Silvio Gioia

Starpool_SweetStemaPro _ Ph. Silvio Gioia
Ph. Silvio Gioia

Among the Starpool products stand out, all rigorously tailor made, Classic Finnish Sauna Eclipse model, the Finnish sauna in savu fir, a solution where design and functionality blend in pure and essential forms, a perfect synthesis of elegance and practicality; Classic Soft Sauna Executive model, in Hemlock, with sinuous and enveloping shapes, overlooking the surrounding landscape thanks to a fully glazed wall that establishes an immediate connection between the guest inside and nature outside; Sweet Steam Room, the Crystal White version of the steam bath to give a sensation of brightness and purity; Sweet Mediterranean Bath for a soft and enveloping warmth, in the benches in Black Solid Surface and gold in the crystal cladding, in harmony with the exotic elegance of the wellness area.

Silvio Gioia
Ph. Silvio Gioia

Cold reactions after heat are fundamental, such as showers and the Shower One which offers different techniques such as the cold mint mist, the cold storm flavored with Scots pine and the cold blade, enclosed in niches with dark walls for maximum intimacy and privacy. and the ice cascade, whose crystals are illuminated by a blue LED light to reflect the glows on the walls in a suggestive atmosphere.

Guiding the guests is the Spa Manager, a profound connoisseur of the healthy virtues of water – in its various forms, from the solid state of ice to the gaseous state known as water vapor. The alternation between the vasodilator heat of the equipment with medium and high temperatures, which favors the cardiovascular system, relaxes the contracted muscles, improves the quality of sleep, and the vasoconstrictor cold, which tones, invigorates, and lowers the body temperature, strengthens the immune system, generating a feeling of deep well-being.

The spa is completed with a large area dedicated to massages and rituals, masterfully operated by the beauty team, part of which originally comes from Thailand, in particular the therapists, experts in rituals thai and specific treatments that combine modern technologies with ancient traditions.

Within the beauty area, there are numerous spaces dedicated to treatments, one of which houses another product signed by Starpool: Nuvola, which combines the concept of dry floatation with wellness rituals and massages by exploiting the therapeutic power of water to maximize the benefits of aesthetic treatments. The deep sensation of relaxation it generates is indicated for muscle recovery and prepares the body and spirit to receive the treatments, making them much more effective.

The Spa continues in three suites and in the chalets of the resort towards a private dimension of wellness. These include, in fact, a Soul Sauna, thus transforming into a complete private spa for the exclusive use of the guest in complete safety and privacy, for anyone who chooses to experience the regenerating spa experience in total intimacy.

Like every Starpool product, these are also characterized by cutting-edge technology such as the Touch Display with remote access to control functions and anomalies remotely, Eco Spa Technology for remote diagnostics, optimization of energy loads and distribution of the ” energy in a controlled way and Sim 4.0 to constantly measure the essential parameters of the equipment, detect any drops in performance, monitor the use of products, detect anomalies and alarms and control the energy load, for attention to sustainability that is taken badge of the Fiemme company.

Ph. Silvio Gioia
Ph. Silvio Gioia

Technology for greater guest safety, as in the case of the Deepclean Software, also adopted at Manna, which exploits the existing technology of saunas and steam baths to cause a forced rise in temperature over 60 ° up to the level of the seating benches, in order to eliminate impurities and pathogens for a debacterization of more than 95% and a deep sanitation without the use of additional products.

Finally, the Spa works in synergy with Manna Medical, the medical center reachable with a short walk in the garden: here Dr. Obrist offers targeted and holistic health programs, to purify and strengthen the body and experience healthy lifestyles, following the “Mayr method”.

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