The Casa Flotante a Perfect Place for a Green Holiday

Built in one of the greenest areas of Mexico City, the Casa Flotante is by far the flagship project of the Talleresque architecture studio.

Casa Flotante Talleresque

As can be understood from the name, which translated means houseboat, this house was built on a raised base that lifts the house from the ground, giving the feeling that it is floating in the forest, an effect that is emphasized at night and the house is turns into a sort of lantern in the dark.

Casa Flotante Talleresque Casa Flotante Talleresque

All the spaces of the house develop vertically starting from the living room, passing through the study and ending with the bedroom on the highest floor, and to connect them is an outdoor staircase that wraps the structure in its entirety, almost protecting it.

Casa Flotante Talleresque

The peculiarity of the floating house is the almost exclusive use of wood and glass. This choice allows the structure to blend in with the surrounding environment having the least possible impact on the landscape, but at the same time it allows tenants to fully enjoy nature and live in contact with it.

The Casa Flotante is the perfect place to spend a stay surrounded by greenery but not too far from the city.

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