The Luxury Villa Excelsior Parco di Capri wins the Tripadvisor Small Hotels Award

A permanent presence for years in the top ten of the various categories of awards of the most important tourism portal in the world, the Luxury Villa Excelsior Parco di Capri, this year reached the top of the world rankings in the Small Hotels section.

luxury villa excelsior parc capri

A very important and well-deserved goal that comes precisely in the most difficult period for the national and non-national tourism sector.

A circumstance that fills even more satisfaction and pride the ownership and management of the delightful boutique hotel in Capri, which is part of the prestigious network of excellent structures Les Collectionneurs founded by Alain Ducasse, also in light of the fact that it has obtained the best placement among the only four Italian accommodation facilities that have entered the world top 25 that include all the categories of Tripadvisor’s Travelers’ Choice Awards, particularly coveted awards because they are based exclusively on the rigorous analysis of the feedback from demanding users of the famous portal.

Also for 2021 it is stockpiling awards

The trophy case of the Luxury Villa Excelsior Parco is enriched, in addition to the incredible first place in the Small Hotel section of the world, also with spectacular placements in other categories: fourth in the world ranking of Rooftops, thanks to the splendid view of the Marina Grande of Capri, the bay of Naples and Vesuvius, which can be enjoyed from the roof of the ancient Art Nouveau residence, and first in Italy, fifth in Europe, and twenty-first in the world in the ranking of Romance Hotels.

luxury villa excelsior parc capri

A unique alchemy of excellent details for a worldwide success

Achievements consolidated over the years, which arise from the perfect combination of elements that characterize the Hotel: the architecture and design inspired by the Art Noveau of the early 1900s that give guests the atmosphere of the most charming era in the history of Capri, the attention to detail, the well-kept greenery and the eco-friendly choices that characterize the vision of the hotel, up to the human to human approach, a winning philosophy in the hotel industry, aimed at pampering and spoiling the customer, in a family and casual environment, which has its hinges in the discreet and never ostentatious elegance and impeccability of the service, with the utmost attention to the smallest details of safety and rigor that the current health situation requires.

Villa Excelsior Parco Capri Mauro Lorenzi Profumi

A success, that of the Luxury Villa Excelsior Parco di Capri, which we want to read in a auspicious key for the start of the tourist season of the entire island, which begins to see the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel.

luxury villa excelsior parc capri

The Tripadvisor awards are our incentive to surpass ourselves again this year

says Valerio Paone, director of the Luxury Villa Excelsior Parco

This milestone for us is a spur to start the new season at the top – declared the director of the structure Valerio Paone satisfied – our efforts will always be aimed at making the experience of our guests completely tailor-made. A tiring but extremely rewarding job, which is now our way of being and allows us to be able to almost anticipate the wishes of our guests through a careful work that begins before their arrival: we invite the customer to share with us as much information on their interests and on the leitmotif of their vacation. In this way we are always ready to welcome both guests who come to us to celebrate a particular anniversary and perhaps with clear ideas, and those who need to be guided in the discovery of the island and its pleasures. In addition to the relational approach

concludes Paone

thanks to the efforts and synergy with the owners, we constantly continue to improve the hotel services: a continuous evolution, constant and always consistent with our style and our principles.

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