Torino Wine Week, Naturalmente Vino is back, the exhibition dedicated to natural wines

The best way to celebrate the arrival of winter is to savor its flavor and be able to enhance it even at the table. Turin Wine Week returned on 3 and 4 December with the “Naturally Wine” Exhibition in conjunction with the Barbera Red Night, organized by the cultural association F.E.A.

Officine Grandi Riparazioni Torino

At the center of the natural wines, a new chapter of exploration and analysis for the Turin Wine Week, within the established panorama of the world of Turin wine. A formula in the name of ever greater attention to the environment with a marked sensitivity for the final product.

A synergy between farmer and vineyards in an inseparable bond with their own traditions, the passion that shines through the stories and the energy emanating from these companies. These are the values that were transmitted during this increasingly curious, passionate and involved appointment, as part of a pre-Christmas event.


A salon that has enhanced the work of these Vignerons, aimed at making their stories and their productions known starting from their terroirs, in the commitment and effort in trying to safeguard nature. This first festival dedicated to natural wines was conceived and designed with the intention of making Turin increasingly an authoritative spokesperson for this philosophy.

Officine Grandi Riparazioni Torino

More than 50 producers from Piedmont and Italy were protagonists of tastings and masterclasses, immersed in the evocative setting of the OGR, Officine Grandi Riparazioni in Turin, within the spaces of SNODO, proposing various tasting formulas.

Inside the Salone Naturale Vino there were also bakers and pastry chefs awarded by the Guida Pane e Panettieri 2023 and Guida Pasticceri e Pasticcerie 2023 to tell one of the oldest culinary ties: the one between wine and bread and offer the public a sensory experience created by the collaboration between producers and artisans to offer the pleasure of rediscovering traditions and trying out the novelties of the white art.


​​Furthermore, on Friday 2 and Saturday 3 December for Naturale Vino, a preview of “Notte Rossa Barbera” was held, organized by the cultural association F.E.A: the widespread festival of good wine and cuisine at popular prices, with menus inspired by tradition Piedmontese of the “merenda sinoira” which was enjoyed in the typical “piole”, and which involved 10 Turin trattorias.

Officine Grandi Riparazioni Torino

A tasty “appetizer” in view of the traditional appointment with the “Notte Rossa Barbera”, scheduled for Friday 2 March 2023: an event that will spread the typical Piedmontese cuisine and the culture of the “merenda sinoira” in the main restaurants of Turin, in the company of notes of some emerging musical groups.

To support the activities of the Turin Wine Week, a fundraising campaign on Eppela was also launched for the occasion, which is one of the winning projects of the call + Resources of Fondazione Sviluppo e Crescita CRT, with interesting rewards for all winelovers. The mechanics envisage that upon reaching 50% of the established objective, Fondazione Sviluppo e Crescita CRT will finance the initiative with the remaining amount.


The event is organized with the support of the Chamber of Commerce of Turin and with the patronage of the City of Turin. Partners of Torino Wine Week were the Città del Gusto Torino – Gambero Rosso, Fisar Torino, Torino DOC and Enoteca Regionale dei Vini della Provincia di Torino, as well as a new collaboration with the F.E.A. ETS for the creation of the Notte Rossa Barbera.

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