World Protection Forum, the second stage will be in Versailles

29 January 2021

The path of the World Protection Forum continues, the next stage of which will take place on January 29th in Versailles.

Excellence Magazine Luxury and Kelony, First Risk-Rating Agency, continue their collaboration in order to provide tools and contents that can be a valid support for understanding the true meaning of “risk”, a very current issue for individuals and businesses.

The World Protection Forum brings together the organizations and companies defined as “Life First Company” that put the protection of people’s lives and the ecosystem in a prevailing position over the simple evaluation of performance.

As Genséric Cantournet states

the new sustainability is durability

The second stage of the World Protection Forum will see the presentation of the book written by General David Galtier entitled “Mon combat contre le crime” (My fight against crime).

It is an important opportunity to discuss the issue of the modernization of the risk culture in France

explains Genséric Cantournet

the meeting with the Groupe d’Intervention de la Gendarmerie Nationale and the GBGM (Groupement Blindé de Gendarmerie Mobile) will allow us to face the issue of risk in a concrete way with those who, of protection, do their job every day