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As the Monaco Grand Prix fast approaches, TicketGrandPrix.com is thrilled to announce a wide array of unparalleled race viewing and hospitality options for fans eager to immerse themselves in the excitement of one of motorsport’s most prestigious events. Renowned for its glamour, adrenaline-pumping action, and unparalleled atmosphere, the Monaco Grand Prix attracts racing enthusiasts from around the globe, and TicketGrandPrix.com is the gateway to experiencing it in style. From prime trackside viewing spots to luxurious hospitality suites, TicketGrandPrix.com offers something for every discerning race fan.

Trackside Spectacle

The exclusive trackside viewing packages of the Velocity Lounge and the Pole Position Lounge bring guests closer to the action than ever before. Spectators can witness the thunderous roar of the engines as Formula 1’s finest drivers navigate the legendary street circuit, all while enjoying unparalleled access and prime viewing angles.

VELOCITY LOUNGE at the Sainte Devote Corner is the only spot on the circuit that offers a real chance for overtaking. It is one of the few points on the track with a run-off area where drivers often have to use the escape road. The premium hospitality ensures a memorable day as close as possible to the track, at the only corner where drivers can pass each other.

POLE POSITION LOUNGE provides spectacular close-up views of the departure/finish line, right on the edge of the track. Guests will be able to witness overtaking opportunities and potential podium-deciding action, all while being just a stone’s throw away from the legendary Princely Tribune. All while indulging in the top hospitality, starting with a delicious breakfast, Japanese buffet lunch, and open bar with premium beverages.

VIP Hospitality

Elevate the Monaco Grand Prix experience with the VIP hospitality packages. Indulge in gourmet cuisine, premium beverages, and exclusive access to VIP lounges and facilities, all while soaking in the electric atmosphere of this iconic event.

EXCLUSIVE ELITE LOUNGE invites to experience the epitome of luxury at Michelin-starred restaurant Rampoldi Monte-Carlo during the Monaco Grand Prix. Positioned in the heart of Monte-Carlo’s Golden Square, this location provides the excitement of the race from the prime location. Michelin-trained staff will cater to guests every need as they indulge in the full Michelin-starred hospitality package. Champagne Ruinart Blanc de Blancs and refreshing soft drinks will be served from the luxurious open bar. Dedicated TV screens will keep guests abreast of the Monaco GP’s key moments, while live music sets the celebratory tone.

MONTE-CARLO POWER LOUNGE provides unparalleled luxury and privacy at the intimate location nestled amidst the heart of Grand Prix action. Positioned discreetly yet strategically, the enclave offers premium location and service for those who seek exclusivity. With dedicated staff attending to every detail, guests can indulge in bespoke culinary experiences while enjoying impressive views from the renowned Avenue des Spelugues. Whether relaxing in secluded lounge areas or savoring gourmet delicacies on their private terrace, this sanctuary ensures a perfect blend of privacy and perfection amidst the electrifying energy of the Grand Prix.

Yacht Hospitality

Experience the Monaco Grand Prix from the ultimate vantage point – aboard a luxurious yacht. With the yacht hospitality packages, guests will enjoy panoramic views of the race action, world-class service, and an unforgettable experience amidst the opulence of the Monaco harbor.

THE ULTIMATE YACHT is positioned at the Legendary Tabac Corner. Anchored strategically along the circuit, this yacht provides an uninterrupted view of the roaring machines as they navigate thrilling turns and straightaways. Amidst this adrenaline-fueled atmosphere, guests are lavished with the epitome of luxury: a bespoke catering experience where every culinary desire is meticulously attended to. And what better way to toast to the exhilarating races than with free-flowing champagne, ensuring every moment aboard is as effervescent as the Grand Prix itself.

ELITE VIP YACHT perched majestically at the heart of the Grand Prix excitement, closest to the racetrack action, the Elite Yacht offers an unparalleled vantage point for the racing spectacle. While guests indulge in the finest culinary delights, from exquisite seafood to gourmet delicacies, they’re also pampered by luxurious amenities including a spa, a fully stocked bar, and plush lounging areas. With free-flowing champagne adding to the ambiance, every moment aboard is a decadent celebration of both high-speed thrills and opulent comfort.

At TicketGrandPrix.com, we’re dedicated to providing our customers with unforgettable experiences at the world’s premier motorsport events,” said Ségolène Boutin, Chief Executive Officer at TicketGrandPrix.com. “With our extensive range of race viewing and hospitality options for the Monaco Grand Prix, we’re excited to offer fans the opportunity to immerse themselves in the excitement and glamour of this legendary event at its closest proximity to the race track.”

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