G7 – Seven centuries of Italian art

G7: Seven centuries of Italian art

A journey through Italian art from the 14th to 20th century.

The “G7 – Seven centuries of Italian art” exhibition, inaugurated on June 13th at the Normanno Svevo Castle in Mesagne (Brindisi), coinciding with the G7 international summit, pays homage to Italian art and aims to celebrate it through a journey spanning seven centuries, from the 14th to the 20th century, featuring artworks by some of Italy’s greatest masters.

Giovanni Boldini portrayed Infanta Eulalia of Spain (231x131).
Giovanni Boldini, portrait of Infanta Eulalia of Spain (231 x 131)

This prestigious event is organized by Puglia Walking Art and Puglia Micexperience Business Network, under the patronage of the Puglia Region and the Municipality of Mesagne, alongside the Chambers of Commerce of Taranto-Brindisi and Puglia Airports. Thanks to a memorandum of understanding between the General Directorate of Museums and the Regional Directorate of Museums in Puglia — bodies of the Ministry of Culture — the exhibition will be promoted at state cultural sites across the Puglia region.

Puglia has become not only a stage of excellence for an internationally significant event but also an opportunity to explore and appreciate Italy’s rich artistic heritage, showcasing masterpieces of extraordinary beauty.

“This is a result we have passionately built with efforts and dedication,” commented Pierangelo Argentieri, President of Puglia Walking Art. “There is a desire for quality and culture… the scientific content, collaboration with national museums, and with the Ministry are elements that gratify us and demonstrate the maturity and quality of our offering.”

Argentieri further remarked, “Together, we will explore the evolution of artistic techniques and the influence of Italian artists on the international stage, promoting awareness and appreciation of Italian art, both nationally and internationally, starting from the extraordinary platform of the G7 Summit… without forgetting the pride and sense of redemption with which the region embraces such events.”

Pierangelo Argentieri, President of Puglia Walking Art
Pierangelo Argentieri, President of Puglia Walking Art

Curated by Professor Pierluigi Carofano, the G7 – Seven centuries of Italian art exhibition, concluding on November 30th, is structured into seven sections, preceded by a multimedia introduction offering an overview of Italian art history and its key figures. It begins with the two phases of the Renaissance (early and high), moves through “Modern Mannerism,” “Caravaggesque Naturalism,” “Examples of Neoclassicism,” “Romanticism and History Painting,” and concludes with “Liberty, Futurism, Informal and Conceptual Art.”

Visitors will have the opportunity to admire priceless artistic treasures up close, with around fifty artworks displayed in a skillful balance between sculpture and painting.

“Each section focuses on a defining artist of that particular period or movement.” explained Professor Carofano. In Mesagne, works by Luca Signorelli and Andrea del Verrocchio, Raffaello and Tiziano, Leonardo and his workshop, Lorenzo Lotto and Ludovico Carracci are on display.

The collection includes the ineffable Artemisia Gentileschi, and works by Guido Reni, Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Antonio Canova with Bernardo Canal and his son, the renowned Canaletto. Notable personalities from Southern Italy include Nicola Pisano and Francesco Fracanzano, the Calabrian Knight (Mattia Preti), Salvator Rosa, Corrado Giaquinto, Giuseppe De Nittis, and contemporary artists like Pino Pascali and Roberto Ferri.

Raffaello, The Miracle of the Hanged (oil on panel 36.5 x 62.5), housed in the National Museum of Palazzo Reale in Pisa (Lungarno Antonio Pacinotti).
Raffaello, The miracle of the hanged (oil on panel 36.5 x 62.5), housed in the National Museum of Palazzo Reale in Pisa (Lungarno Antonio Pacinotti)

Mayor Antonio Matarrelli of Mesagne expressed enthusiasm, stating, “Exploring the country’s culture is like walking through our history.” He added, “We are extremely proud of this major event, surpassing the extraordinary quality of similar initiatives in past years, and we are confident in the value of a virtuous relationship between institutions and enlightened private enterprise.”

As Mesagne realizes what until recently seemed like a dream, imagine the possibility of world politics visiting the Messapian city to closely observe these unique masterpieces!

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