In Milan Il Secolo d’Oro di Scavia. Una bellezza che incanta

Scavia Anello Due Coni

At the Bagatti Valsecchi Museum the history of the Scavia maison.

The Bagatti Valsecchi Museum in Milan presents Il Secolo d’Oro di Scavia. Una bellezza che incanta in collaboration with Scavia, from November 8th to 12th, 2023. The exhibition, one hundred years after the opening of the first Milanese store, seals a partnership between the Bagatti Valsecchi House Museum, where there is already a permanent collection, and the centuries-old jewelry maison.

FIL SOIE – Literally “silk thread” in French
Shooting Scavia at the Bagatti Valsecchi Museum

Scavia’s history is an example of high Milanese artistic craftsmanship that has already seen four generations take turns. In 1911 Domenico Scavia, a skilled goldsmith, moved from Valenza to Milan with his wife Maria to open a jewelry workshop, still active today, in a building on Corso XXII Marzo, and in 1923 he opened his first store on the same street.

The first Scavia store

When Maria and Domenico died, their daughter Sara, joined by their son Fulvio, continued her parents’ work, making the business thrive and standing out as one of the few leading women in the Italian goldsmith industry. Today, we are in the fourth generation, led by Fulvio and his son Alexander.

Fulvio Scavia and Sara Scavia in the workshop with artisans

The exhibition Il Secolo d’Oro di Scavia. Una bellezza che incanta pays homage to the goldsmith family.

The rooms of the Bagatti Valsecchi Museum will display, in synergy with the permanent collection, some of the brand’s historic jewelry, alongside others of recent workmanship. Notable pieces include the magnificent Sandra Dia earrings, designed in 1988 for Elizabeth Taylor and made iconic by their unusual and fascinating shape. Or the blond and black horn and gold necklace or the Two Cones ring illuminated by 2 diamonds, thanks to which Fulvio Maria won the first Diamond International Award in 1976.

Elizabeth Taylor wearing the “Sandra Dia” earrings designed for her
“Super Oscar” series
Dig Pusnee Necklace
Pusnee Necklace

In addition to the jewelry, archival photographs testifying to more than 100 years of activity: shots of the goldsmith’s work in the workshop and historical images of the first store on Corso XXII Marzo, as well as family photos, high fashion shows, social events and meetings with famous international faces.

Laboratory Dig
Creation of the “Tree of Life” pendant that Fulvio Scavia had designed for his mother Sara Scavia
Eleonora Lastrucci’s dresses at the Rome Film Festival
Eleonora Lastrucci Red Carpet Roma

Eleonora Lastrucci’s dresses at the Rome Film Festival

A philosophy of regal elegance staged on the prestigious red carpet

Milan Fashion Graduate 2023
Fashion Graduate 2023

Milan Fashion Graduate 2023

Young people are the future of fashion

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