INFINITO: the most exclusive lamp of the SLM Light Collection

INFINITO is the the most exclusive lamp of the SLM Light Collection.

It is made by a sphere of Filigree Murano Blown Glass, one of the most impressive creations of the Italian Renaissance, in which tiny white glass threads are wrapped in different coloured glass and soldered together for a refined decorative effect. This technique was invented in the XVI century by the ancestors of Michelangelo Serena, the founder and designer of SERENA Luxury Mosaic. The illuminating art piece is completed with a crystal blown glass sphere covered with 24 Karat Gold coloured artistic mosaic, and all is on a 24 karat gold plated stainless steel structure. The modular design means the potential colour and shape pairings for the lamp glass and mosaic components are virtually endless.

Totally customizable to create infinite possibilities of uniqueness, the precious table lamp is created to enrich every interior. The result is an art piece bringing together two of the most traditional Italian crafts in one beautiful object to treasure for generations.

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