International Fellowship of Rotarians Skiing at Cortina d’Ampezzo

Countdown for the sixteenth edition of ISFR (International Fellowship of Rotarians skiing), is the  Rotary World Cup alpine ski, nordic, snowboard and curling to be held in Cortina d’Ampezzo, in the  District 2060 from 4 to 11 March 2017, and returning to Italy five years away from those of Sestriere. Excellence Magazine always close to the excellence, is proud to be Media Partner of International Fellowship of Rotarians Skiing at Cortina d’Ampezzo.

The planetary event, organized by the Rotary Club Cadore Cortina, thanks to the attention of the current president and his predecessor, respectively Rolando Zanella and Francesco Ferrau, can count on the valuable support of the Club of Belluno and Feltre. 

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The white adventure began with the assignment took place in Saas Fee, Switzerland, with the accurate dossier presented by the delegation led by the Governor Ezio Lanteri and the Organizing Committee, represented by members Massimiliano Pachner, Renato Pesavento and Filiberto Piller and is moving fast and enthusiastically in the decisive organizational stages. Headquarters of the week will be the luxurious Grand Hotel Savoia, which is a few minutes walk from ski lifts of Faloria Cable Car and the Corso boutique Italia. The other accommodation facilities will be the Hotel Rosapetra, Hotel de la Poste, Hotel Ancora, Hotel Menardi, Pontechiesa Hotel and the Hotel Trieste.

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While between the collaborations, the associations representing hoteliers, traders, artisans, ski instructors, ski school are registered . The sports materials may be hired and it is expected to support three hundred and sixty degrees, a medical level (at the Hospital Codivilla Putti), sports, communication, leisure, language (with interpreters), transportation (to and from airports , stations, tracks).

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For the prestigious events they are expected many Rotarians, from all Europe, United States, Canada, Australia, South America, Russia, Korea, Korea and Japan it will test in the alpine skiing events in Tofana, Faloria snowboarding, curling at the ice stadium and Nordic skiing in Fiames. Beside the main sports, the organizers are predisposing a rich calendar of corollary proposals : from the concert with the Cortina Corpo Musicale to the figure skating show, from the hockey game to the concert of Coro Cortina, from the guided tour of the house of Titian in Pieve di Cadore, to the cellars of Prosecco di Valdobbiadene, from ethnographic museums of the Rules and from the modern art gallery Rimoldi to the output in Misurina, with the beautiful view of Tre Cime di Lavaredo ( the famous ìThree Peaks of Lavaredoî), to Venice, passing through Belluno and Feltre.

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Between the most anticipated events it is included the presentation of candidature for the Isfr 2018  and 2019 (Thursday 9 th March), with resorts located respectively in Slovenia and Austria, and the gala evening (Friday, March 10), with the awarding of the members who have participated the races, the salute to the authorities, sponsors, collaborators, members dell’Isfr. Week Ampezzo can count on the assistance of Ezio Lanteri governors, Cecovini Giuliano, Alberto and Roberto Palmieri Xausa, Assistant Governor Massimo Ballotta, Rotaract di Cadore Belluno Cortina and, not least, the UNESCO patronage and Rules Curtain. The ISFR curtain will finally marked by the active participation of the Italian Rotaract, present in the Queen of the Dolomites, with its annual convention.

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It will therefore be a program that will combine, in the spirit of Rotary, sports tourism, culture and, above all, solidarity for an experience that will remain memorable for athletes and their families, united by the desire to contribute to the common good. Moreover, the eight days not only constitute a “white week,” since they will be also an opportunity to share humanitarian service, encourage compliance with ethical standards in all vocations, help spread the message of peace and goodwill among peoples Earth, identifying the specific cause where involved to maximize the engagement locally and globally. The event, in fact, is dedicated to promoting skiing as a communion and service opportunities.


To find more information, are available four websites, which are accompanied by an e-mail: (Hoteliers Association), (for reservations) , (international site ISFR) and (EUROPA ISFR). Since time is available, always online, the full program, that is assuming the character of a dress rehearsal for the World Cup alpine ski Campionti, which always take place in locations known Belluno in 2021.

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