Excellence Magazine Vol. 27

In the spirit of the ground previously covered the time has come for us to innovate furthermore, seize the day and build on the work previously and meticulously set forth.

With the current challenges in constant transformation, some fundamental questions arise.

How do we allocate enough resources towards the things we love and cherish while, at the same time, maintaining a sense of balance, harmony, and respect?

How do we strive for excellence and move forward without jeopardizing our traditions and savoir-faire, the backbone behind all creative ideas and innovations?

There is a way to navigate through this shift while harmonizing the playing field, continuing to be mesmerized by breathtaking locations, stunning craftsmanship, and brilliant minds, while at the same time dedicating valued time, energy, and concern to nature and its cycles.

With this in mind, we are adopting a seasonal theme for our future publication, in accordance with the many subjects we are lucky enough to cover. A shift highlighted by new color themes, shapes, and visual attributes, as we wish to take a moment to breathe and reflect between each issue, marking a new beginning with each cycle and celebrating the new one with the respect it deserves.

Our new concept, guided by our publication, will beat to the trimestral tune as follows:

March: The Green issue, for earth, balance and regeneration.

June: The Blue issue, for water, peacefulness and trust.

September: The Gold issue, for wood, warmth and optimism.

December: he Red issue, for fire, passion and sacrifice.

The possibilities are endless. As we aim for the perfect balance between entrepreneurship, art, luxury, beauty and nature the road ahead will be exhilarating, led by idealism and alchemy.

Nicola Sangiorgio
With an academic background in Industrial & Graphic Design from the Academy of Art in San Francisco California and an upbringing in Monte-Carlo, Nicola has seized the opportunity to follow some of his passions for printmaking, publishing and visual creation by joining the Excellence team and contributing to the further development of an ever evolving platform.

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