The fusion and innovative cuisine of Bjorn Van Den Oever on the terrace TreCinqueZero by THE VIEW Lugano

Among the not to be missed events of summer 2018, definitely the trendiest is TreCinqueZero, the spectacular terrace of THE VIEW Lugano the boutique hotel with a refined design and breathtaking view of the city’s bay.

TreCinqueZero inaugurated the season as the setting the 29th May dinner of S. Pellegrino Sapori Ticino, which had as its protagonist Giacomo Gaspari, Executive Chef of Diamonds Thudufushi, with his exotic scents dishes typical of Maldives, combined with Mediterranean flavors in a perfect balance influenced by the ayurvedic’s principles.

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After the big succes of the soiree and the ‘exotic’ theme of the most important gastronomic kermesse of Carton Ticino has arrived in the Executive Chef Mauro Grandi’s kitchen a special guest who has already won the palates of the most curious gourmets, Bjorn Van Den Oever. The “fusion” cuisine of this eclectic chef reflects the experiences that brought him from Germay to Asia for seven years and then to Doha and Dubai for 2 years, places where he learned to master the techniques, raw materials and recipes of culinary traditions different from each other. To this purely Asian formation has been added since January 2018 the experience in Zanzibar, the spice island, as the Executive Chef of Diamonds Star of the East and Diamonds Gemma of the East. Today this wealth of perfumes and flavors gives life to unique and surprising dishes, where the different souls of oriental cuisine, from those of the far East to the middle East, meet Western influences and new African touches.

Among his dishes, exclusively until July 31th at THE VIEW Fine Dining, we find the pork Adobo, sweet potato puree, radish, steamed Asian sandwich, red cabbage Kimchi, where the original Filipino recipe is accompanied by touches of other Asian cuisines, like the Korean kimchi, the seabass, smoked eel, aubergine, broccoli tempura and spring onion and the sweet touch of the Berry cake, cinnamon crumble, red fruits, vanilla and pistacchio foam. Next to the main courses the chef proposes tasty snacks, which can turn to refined appetizer or accompany a goumet aperitif, as tuna Tartare, Nori seaweed craker, sesame and radish and chickpea pie, cardoons and coriander. Next to this “temporary menu” guests can choose between the delicacies of the à la carte menu prepared by Mauro Grandi for the summer, innovative but linked to tradition, and those from the new Pommery Club.

Exclusive and trendy, Pommery Club, the Champagne Bar of the TreCinquZero terrace, is dedicated to those are looking for a modern and elegant atmosphere and is the ideal for aperitifs and after dinner among the most exclusive in Lugano. Guests can taste Champagne, among which the superlative Pommery Cuvèe Louise Nature 2004, regional and international wines, it is worth mentioning Ribolla Gialla, Franco Terpin 2009, Sauvignon Terpin 2010, excellent and craft beers paired with delicious and tasty appetizers prepared by the Chef.

TreCinqueZero, unique location that combines style, elegance and nature, open everyday from 7:30 to 24, throughout the summer, it rappresents an undisputed reference point for gourmets looking for new culinary proposal and connoisseurs of good drinking. All that remains is to start a magnificent and surpring journey of taste and senses.

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