Linasolo, The Happiness of the Ladies

The merit goes to the one who starts, even if the one who comes after does better.

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We met Lina Kehouadji, founder of the brand Linasolo who told us a beautiful story! Her passion has guided her steps and she has turned into her profession, a stylist-designer who has created collections of bags that are loved by women all over the world!

Since ancient times, humans have always devised ways to transport personal, ordinary or valuable objects. After offering various types of shapes and colours, during the evolution of mankind, the bag made its appearance.

Who among us, as child, has not tried to rummage in the pockets of a bag of the mother, the elder sister or a loved one? I was no exception. During the years that saw me grow up, I was able to discover all kinds of models, especially during parties or trips, and particularly during a stay in the Sahara, among the Tuaregs, where I followed their craftsmanship in tanning, the colouring of goat leather obtained from copper oxide giving it green tints.

Later, chance led my destiny to Rome where my brother, who was  sent by my father to study, directed me towards a workshop specialized in artisanal leather goods. A crush has now been triggered and my curiosity has been sharpened.

I kept an unforgettable memory of it. Sometime later, when I settled in Switzerland, I toyed with the idea of ​​designing models of handbags for women and men. The landscapes of this beautiful country, the snowy peaks of the mountains, the passion for a well done job have shaped my mind towards drawing and painting, offering me infinite and renewed inspiration.

As a simple amateur, it didn’t take me much to become a stylist – designer and begin to compose models intended for their realization in this factory in Rome. Laborious moments have marked the years during which research and achievements have been concretized with the members of a family, steeped in love for the bag. And that’s where I acquired exceptional know-how.

For more than two decades, collections have appeared every season to delight ladies. The Linasolo brand has now established itself thanks to an innovative professional spirit. Today, her models are appreciated in Switzerland as well as in Italy, France and the Middle East, in particular.

Finally, Linasolo has adopted an identity based on values ​​such as respect for the environment, ecological transition and the circular economy.

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