Piet Mondrian for the first time at Mudec in Milan

Mudec from 24 November 2021 to 27 March 2022 presents “Piet Mondrian. From figuration to abstraction”, an exhibition project entirely dedicated to the Dutch artist for the first time in Milan

An exhibition that tells the artistic evolutionary process of Piet Mondrian from figuration to abstraction, from the tradition of the Dutch landscape to the development of his unique style that made him unmistakable and universally famous.

Piet Mondrian Dalla figurazione all'astrazione La mostra la MUDEC Milano

The exhibition was organized in collaboration with the Kunstmuseum den Haag, which has the most important collection of Mondrian’s works in the world, and which has lent sixty works, chosen from those by Mondrian and other representative artists of the Hague School.

Piet Mondrian Dalla figurazione all'astrazione La mostra la MUDEC Milano

The exhibition itinerary

The exhibition also exhibits masterpieces from important museums and private collections, proposing an exhibition itinerary that develops through various thematic sections. We find works of the early figurative period compared with those of the abstract period through the theme of the landscape. A visual and therefore immediate key to understanding is the artist’s stylistic evolution, useful for understanding the same entirely abstract works of his last period.

Piet Mondrian Dalla figurazione all'astrazione La mostra la MUDEC Milano

A section of the exhibition, De Stiljl, is dedicated to Neoplasticism, a movement that arose in the Netherlands in 1917 on the initiative of Mondrian himself and Theo van Doesburg, still active in the thirties, who innovated art, architecture and design.

Piet Mondrian Mudec Milano


The Piet Mondrian exhibition. From figuration to abstraction is open from 24 November 2021 to 27 March 2022 at Mudec in via Tortona 56 in Milan, open every day but at different times: Monday 2.30pm – 7.30pm, Tuesday to Sunday 9.30am at 19:30 except on Thursdays and Saturdays 09:30 – 22:30.

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