The fourth edition of Wopart – Work on Paper Fair will run in Lugano from September 19 to 22

The fourth edition of Wopart – Work on Paper Fair, the international art fair of works on paper founded by Paolo Manazza, will run from September 19 to 22, 2019 at the Lugano Exhibition Center.

Inaugurated in Lugano in 2016, the fair has remarkably grown in its first three years, welcoming an increasing number of national and international galleries and showing the natural bent for growth of a fair format addressing a market segment that has now gained global interest.

wopart lugano Paolo Manazza

For the first time, its fourth edition will cover 7,000 m2, the whole exhibiting space of the center pavilions. Chosen by a scientific committee chaired by Paolo Manazza, painter and journalist specialized in art economics, and Mimmo Di Marzio, contemporary art journalist, critic and curator, this year’s exhibitors will showcase a wide range of works created on paper supports belonging to different styles, languages and times, so as to ensure a various, cross-cutting offer.
After the first three successful editions, the fair format has now been revamped and enhanced with an artistic program divided in six sections:

The MODERN & CONTEMPORARY section, curated by Mimmo Di Marzio, will display masterpieces from the 20th century to modern days, while the OLD MASTER section, curated by Marco Riccomini, will exhibit prestigious works by the greatest masters of the past.

Luca Zuccala will take care of DIALOGUES, comparing artists from different generations and styles, and EMERGENT, dedicated to young galleries with international projects and artists.
The PHOTOGRAPHY section, curated by Walter Guadagnini, will expand the exhibition program with works by world-renowned photographers, as well as experimentations by promising young talents.


Last, the PROJECT SPACE section, set up by Marco Roberto Marelli, will be centered on the International Laser Print Show projects, involving important project spaces from all over the world, selected and coordinated by Dario Moalli in collaboration with an international team of curators.

wopart lugano

As an additional new feature, this edition will also allow all exhibitors to display in their stands up to three works on supports different than paper, preferably paintings, objects or sculptures to be showcased alongside their preparatory sketches on paper ̶ one more way to recognize the value of works on paper and their role as interpreters of the poetic, germinal essence of the artists’ language.

This year, the fair will once again offer a rich program of collateral cultural events and initiatives, including four exhibits hosted at the exhibition center. Further information at

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