Alexander Belyaev, a tale through color


Belyaev Art Gallery opens to the public in Via Montebello 30 in Milan, inaugurating its exhibition activity with a monographic project dedicated to the Russian artist Alexander Belyaev (Moscow, 1927 – Milan, 2015), from whom the gallery itself takes its name, proposing to spread and enhance the path and production of this painter still little known in the Italian context.

Alexander Belyaev - Portofino
Alexander Belyaev – Portofino

Alexander Belayev, a tale through color presents a selection of paintings made since the late 1980s that draw inspiration from nature, classical architecture and the places with which the artist has come into contact from time to time during his numerous travels, influenced by the Movements and the main protagonists of the international avant-gardes.

Alexander Belyaev - Venere di Marte, 2005
Alexander Belyaev – Venere di Marte, 2005

Mythological characters and female figures dancing or posing, views and panoramas interpreted with dreamlike lyricism, glimpses of cities with universally recognizable buildings and monuments: all the subjects portrayed by Belyaev are characterized by an important chromatic presence that becomes the fundamental and most evident element of each work, the one that can most fascinate and catch the eye.

Alexander Belyaev, Cinque, 1987
Alexander Belyaev, Cinque, 1987

A research on color that frequently goes beyond the sensible reality, distancing itself from the mere, icy representation of a subject to lead to the territories of monochrome or to the use of innumerable variations of the same few colors, or, on the contrary, to a juxtaposition based on strong contrasts.

Alexander Belyaev - Ninfa dalla Schiena, 1990

As the curator of the exhibition, Vittorio Schieroni, suggests, in the critical text dedicated to the Russian artist

Alexander Belyaev, explorer of styles, worlds and cultures, has come to develop his own language based on the harmonious fusion of elements that are only apparently distinct, a tale of beauty and poetry that the artist transmits to the observer through the infinite potential of color

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