Bob Krieger, Sguardi del pensiero e dell’anima

Excellence Magazine is proud to announce to be the media partner of this sensational exhibit taking place at the Reggia di Monza – Orangeries from May 10th to July 1st 2018. 


 The great artist returns with a powerful evocative exhibition to celebrate the achievements, the genius and the soul of Italy, of the Italians and of the “Italianness” trough the faces of those who have made this Country unique in the world.

May 10th 2018 – Tracing the history of a glorious era in which creativity, excellence, inventiveness, imagination, skill, genius and talent have given life to that unique Made in Italy, which is the trade mark of the genuine style of a country that finds in its genius the humus to reinvent and reinvent itself continually. Bob Krieger does not stop to look at the faces of an Italy that he, as stateless as he likes to define himself, has chosen as his ideal home for many years. And after the great success of the personal exhibition in Milan at Palazzo Reale in 2011, he returns with a new exhibition in an equally unique and prestigious setting: the Reggia di Monza. It is here that from May 10th to July 1st, in the spaces of the Orangerie, the exhibition “Bob Krieger – Sguardi del Pensiero e dell’Anima” will be presented, curated by Piero Addis, General Director of the Reggia di Monza, promoted by the Reggia di Monza Imago Art Strategies Lugano, under the patronage of the Ministry for Cultural Heritage, the Lombardy Region and the Municipality of Monza and participation as main sponsor of TopColor and sponsors of the Fondazione Bracco and Dompé Farmaceutici. An event to celebrate, remember and sublimate the extraordinary Italian genius through characters who, for various reasons, have made Italy great. A gallery of 140 names, known, well-known and less known, all chosen and portrayed by the great master with his always ironic and often irreverent eye to tell a fragment of past, present or future history.

Brunello Cucinelli

The mind behind such an ambitious undertaking could only be the absolute master of portrait: in front of his camera we could say that has passed all the “Italy that really counts” during these last 50 years. Bob Krieger has portrayed personalities from every field, from politics to science, from industry to sport, from fashion to art, from architecture to entertainment. The personal commitment of these great personalities has represented for Italy an instrument of pearless promotion: it is enough to draw some names to open – almost symbolically – a history book: the Agnelli and Moratti families, Gillo Dorfles, Marco Tronchetti Provera, Diana Bracco, Sergio Dompé, Giorgio Armani, Miuccia Prada, Gianni and Donatella Versace, Roberto Bolle, Laura Pausini, Roberto Baggio, Carla Fracci, Ermanno Olmi, Fiorello, Lilly Gruber, along with many other prestigious names.

Gilda Castoldi Rotelli

An exhibition that will astonish the visitor for its setting: the gallery of faces unfolds in a succession of suspended cubes set up to represent exactly a DNA chain so that the public can dive complitely in a fantastic vision. It is therefore the great ability of the Italians the fil-rouge of this event, which offers an explicit symbolic call to DNA, “case” of such an inspiration, in a setting with a strong visual impact: the suspended cubes with impressed faces of the protagonists of the shows are able to create a spectacular structure “outside the box”, a sort of giant kaleidoscope for a glance unique and never seen before, designed to amaze and engage the visitor.The peculiar way of exposing the portraits makes them a sort of “temporal vortex” – thanks to the structure that reminds the double helix of DNA – of old emotions and important moments in the history of Italy. In his portraits, Bob Krieger has managed to penetrate and capture the spirit to be immortalized: his are never simple portraits, they are “the most authentic soul” that the master was able to grasp in front of the lens. The exhibition will be staged at the Orangerie (also called citroneria) of the Villa Reale di Monza just as the annexed rose garden will be in full bloom. A both symbolic and sensory spring, where the hope that the “golden age” – which has distinguished this country for years – returns to shine again on our nation, releases the scent of roses in bloom and reminds us how much important is to keep thoughts and soul, in order to learn, hand down and build the bases to grow and shine again. The Exhibition is supported by Top Color.

a cura di Piero Addis

Roberta Armani

Diana Bracco

Giovanni Malago


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