Depero Dressing: Stefano Bressani at the Expowall Gallery

The 2021 edition of Milan Design Week is dressed in fabric with the signature of Maestro Stefano Bressani who wanted to create, through his personal decomposition technique, a tribute to one of the most famous drawings by Fortunato Depero, Pupazzo who drinks Campari Soda.

The unprecedented sculpture is presented at the Galleria Expowall in Milan and the exhibition is curated by Robert Phillips.


Stefano Bressani, Sarto delle Stoffe, is an artist capable of bringing together art, fashion and design under his top hat, an accessory with which he loves to be portrayed and which recalls the hat of the Futurist icon.

Dressing Depero is in fact one of the Master’s Dressed Sculptures:

I dress like that Campari man because clothes are my element, the style I have sewn on myself. Me, the Tailor of Art, immersed in this cloth diving suit
I imagine using the bottle as a megaphone to shout to the world my joy of merging art and irony to turn into something different, into a new story

says Bressani.

The Dressed Sculpture that the gallery presents in preview is a large work
made to be worn by the same author. It contains one inside letter addressed to Giovanni Gastel, the photographer friend who recently passed away:

My letter to Giovanni will remain in the soul of the work because everything started from there. When I presented my idea to him three years ago, he offered to photograph me dressing my sculpture and to propose the shot as part of the work itself. A diptych that we should have presented together in an installation. What we exhibit today is dedicated to him

Thanks to constant research, even in the laboratory, for new materials and new processes,
Stefano Bressani embraces the theme of sustainability in order to make the life cycle of fabrics eternal through art.


The one operated by Bressani is an upcycling of pre-consumer, that is to assign the fabrics of the waste materials or of the garments already packaged and not worn, to a higher quality product. Bressani draws mainly from the so-called deadstocks of the store warehouses, or the huge amount of clothes that remain unsold every year.


The installation is completed with a photo SHOWall, a further translation of the
possibility to play with decomposition and modularity. In fact, it offers the user a new and original dynamic image of Bressani’s work.

During the Milan Design Week the Expowall gallery receives the public by appointment
from 10.00 to 19.00.

Emanuela Zini
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