Fraport AG inaugurates Open Air Deck, an incredible terrace made of HI-MACS®

Last April Fraport AG, the operating company of the Frankfurt Airport – the largest in Germany – inaugurated an incredible new terrace in the Terminal 1 area. Located in the transit area, the terrace, called Open Air Deck, welcomes its visitors with an impressive panoramic view of the aircraft parking area. The HI-MACS® furnishing system is also unique, making the terrace an inviting relaxation area where travellers can enjoy the open air and the sunlight while waiting to depart.

The furniture for Open Air Deck was designed by the award winning Studio 3deluxe. The designers opted for HI-MACS® for the 20 linear metres lounge furniture. The solid surface material is resistant to UV-rays, , water and temperature fluctuations. Hence the material will remain beautiful and durable for many years. Besides longevity properties, the solid surface is also the only material that had the ability to be thermoformed seamlessly and crafted exactly the way envisioned for the organic furniture of the Open Air Deck.

Characteristic is the relax area, with a large horseshoe lounge platform, made with a solid base in HI-MACS®. The same, at the ends then turns into tables and shelves in different heights and shapes, which can be hidden in the sofa if necessary. Two central tables, also in HI-MACS®, complete the seating area. The light gray waterproof surface of HI-MACS® almost frames the surrounding elements, in individual shades of blue. The furnishings, so beautiful but discreet, do not divert attention from the magnificence of the landscape, while giving a summer air to the environment.

For moments of refreshment, a HI-MACS® kitchen station has been installed that, in just 150 cm of length, offers enough space to organize meals and snacks. A block without visible joints provided with all the comforts, and that when not used can be hidden from view thanks to a reclining HI-MACS® top, resistant to the weather.

excellence magazine HI-MACS® Open Air Deckexcellence magazine HI-MACS® Open Air Deck


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