Liu Bolin a performance dedicated to the Pietà Rondanini

In the calendar of events that have been the setting for the celebration of Chinese New Year, in Via Montenapoleone there is a photographic exhibition organized with the Patronage of the Chinese Embassy and the City of Milan “LIU BOLIN. HIDING IN THE FASHION DISTRICTS” by the internationally renowned Chinese artist also known as The Invisible Man.

Combining performance and photography, in his installations Liu Bolin camouflages himself with the environment to analyze the tension that exists between the individual and society.

Yesterday evening in the splendid hall of the Sforza Castle in Milan dedicated to the Pietà Rondanini, the artist performed a performance dedicated to the famous work of Michelangelo.

Through an accurate process of body painting, carried out by two assistants, the artist has camouflaged his body to give rise to the two final shots that will become a work of art.

Guglielmo Miani, president of MonteNapoleone District, explains:

We have included for the first time the “MonteNapoleone Chinese New Year”, an event dedicated to the Chinese New Year, in the program of events that increase the value of the district and the experience of an open-air mall unique in the world. Art and fashion are increasingly connected worlds that use common creative languages

Themed showcases in the boutiques participating in the initiative of the fashion streets of Milan and Rome, where they show off themselves clothing, jewelry, accessories and real capsule collection to celebrate the holidays as well as a series of services expressly dedicated to the Chinese clientele. Also the MonteNapoleone VIP Lounge, born from a MonteNapoleone District project with the participation of Global Blue – partner with whom the “Global Blue Suite” was created, an exclusive welcome and refund space – Planet, Tax Refund and Ferrari Tax Free For You, is ready to welcome guests arriving from China, offering a range of benefits and unique and personalized experiences. Included in the access voucher, an exclusive concierge service and the ability to send the baggage and their purchases to the departure airport. Thanks to the lounge partners, non-EU tourists receive assistance to complete all tax refund formalities without stress and queues.

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