Made in Venice the world’s lightest and most exclusive spectacles

Could be considered a kind of high score or a record: the lightest spectacles in the world! And it is. Strange thing: this kind of record is not arriving from Silicon Valley, from Cea in France or from the Fraunhofer Society:  laboratory, boutique, showroom and above all the “idea” are coming from Venice, close to San Marco square. It’s not a joke! Walking from Accademia to reach S. Marco, you have the chance to take a look at such works of art in a shop’s show-window on your left side, a stone throw to Hotel Gritti.

The idea, capability, high technology materials, fantastic design, are the ingredients helping world known actors and artists to get these exclusive spectacles. This brand is very close and inspired from art, being a piece of art itself, so the showroom in Campo S. Maurizio has recently been converted into the MAC (Micromega Arte e Cultura), an exclusive rendezvous for conferences with artists, writers and illustrious figures from Italian overview. The Micromega main idea borns from an intuition of Roberto Carlon, and concerns a special assembly system which can be realized only through particular craftsmanship.

What do you need to create the world’s most lightweight spectacles, 0,737 grammes only?  “Titanium, gold and natural horn hand made frames” it’s the easiest answer you can give me, so which is the “secret” if you can mention… “Trust me, it’s easy” said Roberto smiling and not revealing a single thing “our glasses are just free of screws or glues or weldings”. Roberto Carlon proudly got deeper into the matter “Micromega spectacles are essential, elegant and refined.” I find some of them amazingly irreverent…, “Yes, and at the same time discrete or almost invisible. An infinite number of styles are customized on each client, for a really tailored frame. You can choose any detail, to transform your spectacle into a unique piece, handcraft expressly for you”. A wide range of materials are employed and combined, to have the perfectly essential glasses. But spectacles can also be enriched, turning them into jewels by using gold or stones, or buffalo horn, plexiglas and wood. There’s a lot of study behind, to reach the perfect match between resistance and lightness: “Various international patents are the foundation of this extraordinary product, and its development continues, in a non-stop research”.

Since year 2000 Micromega lab works on the design and production of the most exclusive spectacles in the world sold in the one and only boutique in Venice, and of course on

Working by subtraction is the purpose, to realize spectacles made of… nothing!

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