Martini Mobili

Martini Mobili was founded in 1965 by the Martini family and the passion for solid wood furniture.

Made in Italy excellence Highest quality raw materials and refined craftsmanship: the Italian style of Martini Mobili is synonymous with timeless luxury. The company in fact designs its products according to the principles of the most refined Italian craftsmanship, furnishing the most elegant residences in the world.

excellence-magazine-martini-mobiliexcellence-magazine-martini-mobiliA careful selection of the materials, of which wood is the protagonist. Our wood is carefully selected and comes from sustainably managed forests; it is enhanced by the finishes and treatments with non-toxic adhesives.

Verona has a wood-working tradition that has been handed down through generations, and in time it has evolved and grown, maintaining its taste for beauty unchanged. Martini Mobili meticulously controls all the processing stages, where fine craftsmanship meets and teams with functional and flexible technology.

Kitchens, living areas and bedrooms: Martini Mobili presents a complete and original furnishing concept. Martini Mobili, thanks to its creative and technical skills, masterfully combines different elements and materials, finding the common thread that brings class and elegance to the entire house.

excellence-magazine-martini-mobiliexcellence-magazine-martini-mobiliCustomisation is the common fil rouge of Martini Mobili creations: every furnishing concept can be designed like a tailor made suit, thanks to the skilful and artisanal use of raw materials, the excellence of the services capable of satisfying every need, and the craftsmanship that expertly mixes tradition and innovation.

The steps that Martini Mobili takes to transform an empty space into a living environment can be described as the furnishing process: measurement survey, meetings with clients, outline sketches and materials, draft project and final design, specifications, transport, mounting and installation and after-sales service.


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