Milan, the Arco della Pace will be the first monument in the world in the Metaverse

Artificial intelligence will generate a flow of images that will cover the Milanese monument. The work will soon be certified NFT

A project that combines art and innovation “projected” towards the future of virtual reality, with the aim of supporting young artists and art lovers.

The operation of the international collective Ouchhh, carried out in collaboration with the Abap Superintendency of Milan, with the patronage of the Municipality of Milan and curated by Reasoned Art, for three days, in the symbolic moment of transition between the old and the new year, covered the Arco della Pace in Milan with an innovative 360-degree data sculpture, transforming one of the symbolic monuments of the Lombard capital into an immersive work of art.

arco pace metaverso

The work, entitled Ai Dataportal Arch of Light, which includes a unique virtual reality experience, will soon become an NFT (a salable token that testifies to ownership of a digital copy of a work) by entering a project to enhance the Italian cultural heritage that will make the Arco della Pace the first monument in the world to enter the Metaverse.

Through a flow of images generated by an artificial intelligence system, Ai Dataportal Arch of Light has covered the Arco della Pace with a second skin in continuous transformation that tells the story of our country.

arco pace metaverso

For this occasion, the artists have configured an artificial intelligence capable of reinterpreting and giving new life to over 20 thousand works of art, by over 320 artists, belonging to the most varied artistic movements, from Byzantine art to Italian contemporary art.

The work included the annual data of the map of the Italian firmament collected by NASA and all our digitized literary heritage, belonging to a time span of over 1,700 years.

The proceeds from this activity will be used to create an educational space for reflection, comparison and experimentation on the themes of digital art, science and technology, in line with existing European projects such as S + T + Arts and New European Bauhaus.

The project is in fact designed for the benefit of young artists, curators and art lovers who will be awarded scholarships that will cover the entire cost of a training course that will involve the best professionals in the sector and which will focus on preparing students for job needs within the art world in the near future.

arco pace metaverso

The installation was visible to the public live on Thursday 30 December and Saturday 1 January, from 18.00 to 00.00. On Friday 31 December the installation was only visible in streaming on Reasoned Art’s Youtube, Facebook and Instagram channels, obtaining views from more than 30 countries around the world, from the United States to Singapore, from the Arab Emirates to Hong Kong, from the United United with South Korea.

The project, explained the curators

was born with the intention of wrapping the Arco della Pace in an embrace of light with a very powerful subtext: innovation is not the enemy of tradition, but a passionate and faithful accomplice

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