New classical inspirations as an expression of modern-day living

In interior design, the tendency of merging different styles in the one living space is becoming more and more widespread, of having classic style furniture living in tandem with furnishings featuring the most essential and minimalist design, creating pleasant and surprising contrasts.

oberto Giovannini knows how to respond to this new trend and reinterprets the living space with the unmistakable classic elegance of his sofas and lounge armchairs: creations with a chic and sophisticated allure, ideal for enhancing the environment in which they are set and capable of transforming it into an ideal place for cherished moments of relaxation and enjoying company.

In classically inspired living rooms, the exquisite upholstered pieces blend together with particular balance and harmony; in the contexts of a more present day style, however, they become furnishing complements, capturing one’s attention and defining the very character of the living space.

The sofas and armchairs realised by Roberto Giovannini reveal a mindset which is both creative and also in tune with the artisan crafting of solid wood, in the choice of the finest decorations, the most refined finishings, the precious fabrics and in the implementation of their perfect fusion. They transmit a genuine passion for the classic style, expressed through the particular attention paid to the details of the forms and proportions.

Roberto Giovannini’s furnishings thus emanate into the modern-day living space that luxury and timeless charm   of the styles from way back when. The finest wood-carvings, generous and all-enveloping forms, exclusive capitonné padded upholstery and the finest fabrics realised by Rubelli and Jim Thompson, define the lounge creations, the perfect synthesis of elegance and comfort.

And so, Roberto Giovannini’s classic designs enter into modern-day living spaces with different and charming forms, without ever neglecting the concept of functionality. The products may be personalised, thus catering for the most diverse aesthetic requirements.




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