Oblong Contemporary Art Gallery, Antonio Signorini inaugurates the new Gallery

A new Oblong Contemporary Art Gallery office has opened in Florence, in addition to the Dubai and Forte dei Marmi offices.

The opening of the new gallery bearing the Oblong brand was held on Saturday 8 October in the presence of Antonio Signorini, the artist to whom the first exhibition is dedicated in the new exhibition spaces, where an important nucleus of collectible works is presented among numerous sculptures medium and large in size and a significant corpus of works on canvas.

The exhibition on Signorini is ideally combined with the great exhibition that sees Signorini’s monumental sculptures in three squares in the historic center of Florence, piazza del Carmine, piazza San Firenze and piazza del Grano, a public exhibition organized by Oblong Contemporary Art Gallery in co-production with the Municipality of Florence.

In particular, right in the square where the new Oblong Contemporary Art Gallery in Florence is located, Piazza del Carmine, it will be possible to admire Arcturus and Sun, the two monumental bronze flying horses that each reach 10 meters in length.


Antonio Signorini, a sculptor of Tuscan origin who has lived and worked for a long time in Dubai, London and Florence, is known for his sculptural works: subtle, hieratic and solemn figures that project themselves into today from a past time as they run towards the future.

Signorini through his works tells the stylistic features of ancient civilizations: dancers, guardians, horses that take shape in the space where they intersect with refined harmony and elegance. They are sculptures where the seductive uniqueness of the forms is characterized by the millenary aesthetic that recalls the great archaeological discoveries and, at the same time, are illuminated by features and shapes that seem to come from tomorrow.

Strongly desired by the gallery owner Paola Marucci, who is pouring considerable energy into the growth of the Oblong brand, the opening of Florence goes in the direction of expansion of the brand that wants to consolidate and position itself in Europe and the Middle East, and with proposals that see the promotion of sculptors and artists chosen for the international collecting market.

The new headquarters in Florence was born thanks to the commitment of three Florentine entrepreneurs, Patrizio Lari, Jacopo Ciglia and Claudio Lari, who have always been involved in producing and promoting art and beauty. I am particularly happy to have found in them three partners moved by great enthusiasm for the development of the Florence office and, in particular, for having immediately believed in the potential of the Oblong Contemporary Art Gallery project, already consolidated in the Dubai and Forte offices. dei Marmi with large exhibitions also in public spaces and with the institutions and with the trust of refined Italian and international collectors

Paola Marucci declares.

Patrizio Lari, CEO of the historic lighting company Badari, managed, thanks also to the collaboration of his brother Claudio, to make the family business the only Florentine company to produce luxury objects in bronze and semi-precious stones. Badari, which in the past has always distinguished itself in the world for its classic-style lighting elements, in recent years has been even more successful in transmitting to its customers the value of high Made in Florence craftsmanship. Thanks to numerous experiences abroad and commercial skills, Patrizio Lari has made Badari a luxury furniture company emblem of Made in Italy.

Iacopo Ciglia, born in Florence in 1975, carried out his artistic studies at the state institute of art of Porta Romana. In 1991 he began his career at the family’s artistic foundry covering various roles. Since 2005 he has been entrusted with the direction of the artistic foundry, and with the occasion he has been able to refine his knowledge and potential thanks to the close collaboration with great masters and internationally renowned artists, with whom he has created private monumental works. and public. With great pleasure and pride he carries on the family tradition.

Claudio Lari was born in Florence in 1983, he grew up dealing with the various operational and strategic aspects of Badari, a family-run company founded by Marcello Badari, then led by Roberto Eliana and Patrizio Lari since 1956. Over the years he has held various roles, today he heads of the production and marketing department, fully engaged in the creation of the Badari collection. He deals with asset management and strategy analysis and devotes himself with particular commitment to his passions: music and the visual arts.

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