Picasso Metamorphosis: from October 18th at the Palazzo Reale – Milan

The Exhibition Picasso Metamorphosis to be held at the Palazzo Reale from October 18th will be a central feature of the autumn season in Milan devoted to the multifaceted and fruitful relationship the Spanish genius entertained with myth and antiquity throughour his remarkable career, it aims to explore his intense and complex creative process from this particular perspective.

Promoted and produced by Palazzo Reale and Mondo Mostre Skira, the exhibition is curated by Pascale Picard, Director of the Civile Museum of Avignon. The project constitutes the Milanese leg of European exhibition Picasso-Méditerrabée, promoted by the Musées Picasso of Paris along with other international institutions. It features around 200 displays including both works by Picasso and ancient artworks that inspired the grat master from the Musée National Picasso in Paris and other leading European museums suche as Musée du Louvre in Parigi, the Musei Vaticani in Rome, the Museo Archeologico Nazionale in Naples, the Musée Picasso in Antibes, the Musée des Beaux-Art in Lyon, the Centre Pompidou in Parigi, the Musée de l’Orangerie in Paris, the Museu Picasso in Barcelona.

The project is part of an itinerary devoted to the great artist that Palazzo Reale has been developing for decades: a genuine cycle of Picasso exhibitions that has made the relationship between the Spanish master and Milan a special one. It all started with the display of Guernica in the Sala delle Cariatidi in 1953. A remarkable event and a genuine gift to the city from Picasso. Almost half a century later, this was followed by the grand retrospective exhibition organized, in collaboration with the artist’s heirs, in September 2001, four days after the attack on the Twin Towers. Finally the monographic exhibition of 2012 provided a chronological overviw of the different techniques and means of expression marking the Spanish master’s oeuvre.

With Picasso Metamorphosis the focus shifts to the various expressions of antiquity to be found in the mytologies reinvented by Picasso and illustrated in six sections through the iustapositon of the works by the artist and ancient ones that have inspired him. The exhibitions aims to delve into the intimate workshop of a world-class artist in the light of the ancient sources that have inspired his work. But it also aims to reveal the underlying mechanisms of a unique alchemy that set antiquity at the heart of modernity, and which proved crucial for 20th-century art.


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