SchönhuberFranchi is one of the first names in the world for hotel supplies. Over time the brand has established itself in this sector through the continuous research of new materials and innovative production techniques along with the constant attention to design and elegance.
The long collaboration with the top hospitality players has allowed SchönhuberFranchi to modulate its offer on the real needs of the customer and to focus the attention on some services, such as:
Width of the range, SchönhuberFranchi production is structured into different categories: table (declined in metal, glass, and porcelain), furniture (outdoor and indoor, the latter completely custom), buffet, housekeeping, technical furniture, kitchen (pans and cooking equipment), thus giving rise to a wide catalog. Despite the great variety, SchönhuberFranchi is able to ensure the reorder of every line for many years after the purchase.
Timeliness, a large production capacity and a well-knit team, allow SchönhuberFranchi to respond promptly to the requests of the customer, integrating the collections or quickly replacing the various pieces.
Quality of the service, in SchönhuberFranchi the concept of quality lies in the constant listening to the customer, in a well-trained staff, in in an accurate order execution, and finally, in the ability to offer rental furnishing solutions.

During the last 3 years, the new management has completed the company restructuring aimed at being more competitive on the market. The historical seat is still in Bolzano and the staff is now integrated with new specialized professional figures, who support the management called to invest in the brand and in new products, and to formulate winning development strategies for a brand that tells a story that comes from far away, but looks towards the future. Important developments in the two historical product categories, for which SchönhuberFranchi has always achieved great commercial success, support the existing table, kitchen, indoor and outdoor furniture collections.

The line of tabletop accessories was expanded with new products intended for different uses depending on the needs of the facilities and of the various moments of the day. Being the table setting part of the experience of the guests, it must be coordinated with the style of the hotel or restaurant as well as it has to be in line with the most innovative trends.
The buffet series is enriched with new lines, able to satisfy even the most demanding chefs, who love to satisfy both aesthetics and functional sides.
New complete and versatile furnishing collections for both indoor and outdoor relaunch the historical expertise of SchönhuberFranchi also in this sector, an area of particular interest to the contemporary design and the hospitality industry.
Among the most recent happenings, the beginning of an important collaboration with Binova, one of the most interesting Italian brands for kitchen spaces, which sees SchönhuberFranchi protagonist with its range of professional products within the flagship store of Binova: an excellent meeting point for professionals interested in the world of SchönhuberFranchi.


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