Everyone crazy about emotional, immediate and stress-free Interior Design

No longer simple furnishing, but an interior design that satisfies the psycho-physical well-being of those who live in the spaces and of personalized, customizable solutions, with innovative services, ranging from personal architect to conciergerie as if living in a luxury hotel, up to live cooking with chefs available for a dinner in the new house.

A real evolution of habits, the one highlighted by the Abitare Co. Study Centre, which has analyzed the data of the case history of the Milan Contract District in occasion of the Milan Design Week, and which goes hand in hand with a market, that of new high and medium-range residences, which has seen in big cities such as Milan an increase of over 50% in the offer of homes with these new standards.

excellence-magazine-interior-designexcellence-magazine-interior-designThe survey reveals how there is now an increasing demand for a “no problem” approach, always assisted, made up of locations with exclusive access and particular attention, which provide the buyer with comfort and all-inclusive solutions.

The study also revealed a new approach to living that does not overlook any detail and that puts, in the priorities, the usability of spaces, small and functional, to the advantage of the increasingly large common areas and, above all, a growing attention to the aesthetics and functionality of the product.

The transformation of Italian houses has seen a revolution in the spaces, ranging from the dominant role of the living area that integrates kitchen, entrance and corridors, to the bedroom drastically reduced compared to the past and used only as a function of rest; going from the bathrooms, which are intended as “Private Wellness” and are increasing in number and doubling even in smaller apartments, with the trend towards en-suite bathrooms, accessible and taken directly from the master bathroom, to the corridors that act as wardrobes and are designed as new “dressing rooms”. All this is dominated by the emotional component, as demonstrated also by the importance assumed by the Customer Experience.



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