The summer of Art

A big event of Foundation Mazzoleni, which has been promoting contemporary art for years.

The eleventh Summer Art’s exposition organized by Fondazione Mazzoleni started on Saturday in the extraordinary scenery of Villa Mazzucchelli.

The special guest of the event,the extraordinary Prof. Vittorio Sgarbi ,accompanied by the President of the Foundation, Mario Mazzoleni, entertains the numerous hosts by talking about the relevance of Italian art, an incentive to re-emerge from the so called dangerous cultural crisis.

The event will take place during the summer period with exhibitions in different locations chosen by the Foundation: Fortevillage, a prestigious  resort in the south of Sardinia, Porto Cervo with a public exhibition dedicated to the master of pop art , Andy Warhol and Villa Mazzucchelli with the collective exhibition “L’arte contemporanea in Villa”, besides the historical location of the Fondazione Mazzoleni in Alzano Lombardo, in Via Locatelli 1.

Mario Mazzoleni – Mathildis Lauro

The presentation of the two catalogues, printed in occasion of Patrocinio della Regione Lombardia and the province of Bergamo,besides other prestigious partners, has come before the ribbon cutting of the collective event,which has involved 47 emerging contemporary artists selected by the superintendent Maria Simona Occioni.

The graceful rooms of art gallery in Villa Mazzucchelli will be hosting this artworks until 17 September, with a serie of secondary events planned for the summer.

During the presentation of the annual exposition, the President Dottor Mazzoleni, applauded by more than 300 people mostly artists and art lovers, has highlighted the brilliant results reached during 2016, with 246 different artists in the numerous expository spaces and more than 1900 artworks presented to mainly foreign clients.

Prof. Sgarbi has highlighted the importance of promoting and giving value to Italian’s artistic heritage too, with exhibitions and events that allow the diffusion of different techniques and contemporary art trends.

Mario Mazzoleni


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