Alfa Living: when luxury meets family

Wood-fired ovens enter the luxury market as genuine complementary furniture. All of this and much more is Alfa Living, the high-end brand of Alfa 1977, the company that has been producing domestic and professional wood and gas-fired ovens for 40 years.

Sophisticated design ovens to decorate super chic spaces, combining elegance and refinement to create a line of indoor and outdoor furniture items aimed at cooking over flame.

A minimalist style with clean-cut and rigorous lines features the nine painted stainless-steel ovens; ceramic glass door and high-quality fire clay make up a combustion chamber that can withstand temperatures up to 1 000°C even though you will only need 400°C to bake your pizza.

There are two patented double combustion chamber technology ovens: Duetto and Duettino. The lower chamber holds the firewood and allows very high temperature cooking while the upper one can reach 250°C for other types of cooking. The indoor model Is provided with some apertures to heat the room just like a common stove.

All other models are single-chambered and are specially designed for outdoor cooking and to wow your guests as well. The most scenic ones?  Marte and Venere have such strong stylistic identities that definitely steal the show.

Alfa Living breaks into the designer kitchen market with products destined to elevate the culinary moment and many other things.


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