COUCH-19, Tobia Zanotti realizes a pouf with the used masks


The Covid-19 emergency requires us to use masks, to defend ourselves and to protect others from the virality of the contagion.

Unfortunately, most protection products are made up of layers of plastic, with the aggravating circumstance of being disposable objects and therefore highly polluting.

Masks, being medical waste, cannot be recycled and end up incinerated or, even worse, in outdoor landfills, creating toxic fumes that, by now we know, affect climate change.


Precisely to highlight this problem, Tobia Zambotti decided to create “COUCH-19”, a pouf made only with used masks.

So the Italian designer first of all decided to recover all the masks scattered on the ground and around the medical facilities. Then he thoroughly disinfected them with ozone and stored them safely. Tobia Zambotti only collected the light blue surgical masks, a not random choice.


Once assembled, in fact, “COUCH-19” recalls the aesthetics of an iceberg: one of the most iconic symbols when it comes to global warming. A creative, but at the same time effective, way to highlight a problem we all need to pay attention to.

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