Exoticism and Romanticism in a Dining Room Design

A feminine apartment in Museum Tower, Dallas, found on Koket Nymph Chandelier the exotic touch that the owner is looking for to get an elegant and exquisite space.

Laura Lee Clark Interior Design choose Koket’s Nymph Chandelier to be the statement piece in this Dallas apartment, located in Museum Tower. The feminine apartment was purchased by a lady who was looking for a place that could combine elegance and lavish, but yet with a very feminine look.

“She wanted it to reflect her personality. She is a single woman, and she could do what she wanted to do – she did not have any rules. She’s friendly with lots of good energy”, explain Laura Lee.

The interior design company get the feminine interior design that the client want combining different shadows of pink with exclusive design, exquisite furniture pieces. The final touch was the tempting and seductive Nymph Chandelier, a luxury piece which represents the innocent drama of a whimsical butterfly through the enchanted journey of life.

The exotic and daring chandelier with gold butterflies flying all around the brass structure makes this dining room a flirtatiously whimsical to the eye. Showers of golden and wildly butterflies are mixed with the innocent pink room design to create a provocative ambiance with both daring and elegant: the elegant movement of this feminine animal is represented in the Koket chandelier. Every single butterfly is handmade for master artisans that work for each one of this butterflies has its perfect singularity.


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