Martini Interiors and the Made in Italy’s dream in the USA

Martini Interiors, the historic Made in Italy furniture brand, is constantly looking for new challenges that allow it to satisfy the tastes of an increasingly demanding international customer. It does so by focusing entirely on the realization of high-level total home projects that are having a particular response especially in the US.

The specialization in custom-made furniture and the realization of personalized projects are, moreover, already present in this brand’s DNA, which has established itself over time as one of the leaders in the classic luxury furniture segment.

Indeed, the Martini Interiors proposal is not limited only to the creation of furnishings, but expands to the realization of personalized projects that fully reflect the customer’s lifestyle, design and personality and that accompany him from the conception of the project to the on-site installation.

A unique experience that offered by Martini Interiors which in this way guarantees not only the excellence of the final product but also the quality of the service.
The interior designs projects are curated by Roberto Conato, designer specialized in contemporary and classic Luxury Design.

Villa in Chicago (IL)

This project has seen the Italian brand involved in the design and construction of different rooms of the villa, among which the living area and the kitchen stand out.
The latter, in white lacquered and with steel details, is arranged in a horseshoe shape and is equipped with a large central island, an imposing hood and marble worktops.

Martini interiors Chicago Martini interiors Chicago

The living area, on the other hand, is characterized by marble and lacquered wood furniture in pastel tones and is completed by sofas, armchairs and home accessories that give the room a unique style and a metropolitan vibe, but always in a luxury key.

Martini interiors Chicago Martini interiors Chicago

Villa in Washington D.C.

This imposing villa, equipped with every imaginable luxury, is the ideal location to best enhance the exclusive creations of Martini Interiors.

Martini Interior Washington

The kitchen in particular, bright and contemporary, is in matt white lacquered Toulipier, with Idea doors and personalized decorative elements. Wood, marble and stainless steel are the main actors that alternate each other in a refined and scenic cooking area.

Martini Interior Washington

The central island is the absolute protagonist, an exclusive piece of furniture that allows the multiplication of space and opportunities.

Martini Interior Washington

The bathrooms, on the other hand, equipped with a bathtub and a walk-in shower, are a triumph of white in all shades. Wood, marble and steel also alternate here to enhance the shine of an airy and elegant environment.

Villa in Bakersfield (CA)

Martini Interiors Bakersfield (CA)

One of the largest projects so far realized by the brand, this majestic Californian villa has seen Martini Interiors involved in the design and realization of the entire home concept: from the imposing kitchen, with an adjoining pantry, to the dining room and bedrooms, passing to the many living rooms and the laundry room, to the bathrooms, to end up in more particular environments such as the cinema room and the exclusive cellar. Here you can breath the unmistakable Martini Interiors style in every room.

Martini Interiors Bakersfield (CA)

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