Private Portraits of Living, an architectural magic to be experienced

We are located in Milan in the surprising Porta Nuova District, it is here that two important names in the world of architecture and design, COIMA Image and GIOPAGANI, who for some years have started a thriving partnership, have given life to four projects that give the city new sophisticated and elegant living suggestions, between aesthetic experiments and the search for a new lifestyle.

BoscoVerticale COIMA Image & GIOPAGANI

Precisely inside one of these living spaces, Blinded by the lights on the 24th floor of Bosco Verticale, an icon of the innovative soul of the Milanese city and spokesperson for a new concept of sustainable housing, the volume Private Portraits was presented to the press of Living, published by SKIRA.

BoscoVerticale COIMA Image & GIOPAGANI

The work tells the quest for beauty and the essential theme of sustainability, through the new unique housing proposals created by COIMA Image and GIOPAGANI. From the Vertical Forest to the projects of the two towers Solaria and Aria, the designers present to readers what their way of seeing living is in a seductive tale.

BoscoVerticale COIMA Image & GIOPAGANI

There are many references to the history of architecture to show the process followed by the different projects, but with a single thread: the common search for beauty. The book, through texts and images in continuous dialogue, takes us by the hand through an inner journey beyond design and architecture, into the universe of the two design studios.

Founded in the 80s by Alide Forte Catella, COIMA Image has always had its mission in the durability and significance of design combined with the maximum well-being of the customer.

GIOPAGANI, which was born in 2015 from the meeting between the architect Giovanni Pagani and the entrepreneur Luca Montali, is a multidisciplinary maison that ranges from furniture to architecture, creating, as in a haute couture tailor’s shop, an imaginary universe, a real Word Apart.

BoscoVerticale COIMA Image & GIOPAGANI

That between COIMA image and the GIOPAGANI creative atelier is therefore a collaboration in the name of uniqueness and sustainable luxury as a personal matter. Within the illustrated projects, each space is the result of a tireless pursuit of beauty that offers suggestions through the use of natural materials combined with fine details, skilful plays of light and innovative use of spaces.

BoscoVerticale COIMA Image & GIOPAGANI

Uniqueness and style are therefore the key ingredients of this architectural magic to be experienced.

Maria Mele
Maria Mele
After 39 years working in Sales and Communication for one of the most prominent Insurance Group worldwide, I presently dedicate my time to what I like best: fine arts and literature, passionately looking for the beauty that surrounds me.

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